I’m a mom on-the-go, and aren’t we all? If it wasn’t for my bag, I would probably lose my mind. I work out of the home for 3.5 hours a day, so between leaving my house, going to my mom’s, going to work, frequent trips to my gram’s, running errands on my way home from work, trips to the park and everywhere we go in between, I like to be prepared. And by like, I mean need, because when you have kiddos, their needs are priority, often urgent, and can make the difference between a total melt down and a successful day out.

I don’t like to use the term diaper bag because for one, in my mind, when I picture a traditional diaper bag, it’s not cute – and my bags are not only extremely stylish but are for way more than diapers. My bag serves as my purse and work bag that happens to store child essentials at the same time.


Mom Bag Essentials

Thank you Dapperbag for sending me my bag! *Affiliate links included.*

With my Dapperbag, I feel like Mary Poppins – there are so many compartments that keeps everything separate and it seriously fits ALL THE STUFF. Really, I mean all of it. If I ever become stranded and I have my Dapperbag, not only will I be extremely well accessorized, but my family will be set. You can learn more about this bag on my gift guide for her.




Organization: nothing worse than when you’re frantically searching for something in your purse and can’t find it. Avoid this dilemma by choosing a stylish bag that has separate compartments – then make sure you consciously put every item in a logical place, and put it in the same place every time.

Be prepared: but don’t go crazy overboard. Pack your bag according to your outing, how long you’ll be out and about, and where you’re going. There’s no need to stuff your bag full of diapers, a large pack of wipes, and every small toy and snack you can stuff in there if you’re heading to your mom’s house or out for a quick errand run.

Downsize: your bulky items. If you have a wallet that’s the size of a small clutch, put your essential wallet items into a small, folded wallet to free up space and lighten your load. Don’t have a small pack of travel wipes? Put a small chunk in a Ziplock baggie.

Group like objects: either in your bag’s compartments or again, with those trusty Ziplock baggies, put together objects that logically go together, so instead of blindly searching for small, individual items, you can have a personal care baggie with your chap stick, nail clippers, travel lotion, and sanitizer.

The Bag Itself

First, you have to start with a great bag. My bag of choice at the moment is my Sedalia bag, which I received from Dapperbag. This bag is extremely high-quality, which is important when you’re a busy mom because our bags take lots of hits.



There are various separator compartments and features I love, including removable key strap with a clasp, and the insides are all easy to wipe – it even comes with a folded diaper changing pad. Oh but my FAVORITE part is the removable straps to convert it into a backpack. Life. Changer. Okay wait, I lied – my favorite part is that I get so many compliments on it from all women, not solely moms.

Diapers & Wipes

I generally keep 2 diapers in my bag on a daily basis and adjust it according to where I’m going. I have a toddler, so diapers are minimal, and I’ll keep a thin pack or Ziplock baggie of a few wipes, too. Also, if there’s frequent places you’re going to (a friend or family member’s home), just leave some diapers and wipes there so you don’t have to worry about running out.


Is this one more for baby or mom? Mmmm, I’ll say both. You never know when hunger strikes. Here’s a few of our favorite easy-to-pack treats.

Small entertainment items

I received these small figurines as a gift last year and never thought my daughter would play with them. Oh, how wrong I was. My daughter loves any small figurines, which take up no space at all. We’re a family of readers, so I like to keep a small book on hand, too.

Chap stick and lipstick

I’m kind of a fanatic about chapped lips and dry skin, so all of my bags have chap stick in them. I like to keep a normal chap stick I can use for anyone in the family, and you never know when you just need a refresher with some lipstick. I’m a firm believer that lipstick and sunglasses can help you in almost any situation and always have at least 4 lip colors in my bag…is that normal?

Comb and hair ties

A small comb is all I need to fix my hair and my daughter’s – wrap some hair ties on the end just in case.

Bottle of water


Nothing worse than a drippy nose and having to use your shirt or a leaf to wipe it. You should also throw in some hand sanitizer while you’re at it.

Nail clippers

I can’t tell you how many times I have needed nail clippers and don’t have them, so I started putting them in my bags. No more ripped hang nails, use them to clip off itchy tags on your kids’ clothes, and save your favorite cable knit sweater from a nasty pull by knotting the pull and clipping off the ends.


Hey, you just never know when you’ll need it. I was a Girl Scout – always be prepared. Better to have it and not need it than need it and be in a pit of despair.


As I mentioned, I’m a hydration fanatic – I cannot stand dry skin, so I’ll keep a neutral lotion on hand at all times for the whole fam.


Add these for a baby:

  • extra onesie
  • bottle and burp cloth
  • bib

What’s in your mom bag? What are your mom bag essentials?

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  • I think I said this on instagram, but totally would use this bag for my camera equipment!

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      Yes! It would be perfect for your camera.

  • I love this bag, it’s super cute

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      Me too!! Thanks : )

  • Tabitha Shakespeare

    These are great! Love the tip about downsizing your wallet! Great!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks! My wallet is seriously too bulky and out of control.