We all have active lives, always surrounded by people and responsibilities. Whether you’re a student, teacher, business woman, mom, doctor, admin, nurse or anything in between, we all have one thing in common – we’re busy.

And busy doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but by the end of the day, I bet we’re all eager to wind down and relax, am I right?

Sometimes the only time I’m alone – no adorable kiddos attached to me, no client meetings, no phone calls – is, in fact, when I’m in the shower, so to me, that time is pretty priceless. Anyone with me on that?

I’m sharing my favorite tips on turning any ordinary shower into a spa-like oasis so that even a few moments of solitude can feel like the total refresh you need (and deserve!).

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6 cheap shower hacks to turn your bathroom into a spa

Spa-like shower hacks

1. Special products: My absolute favorite tip is to use deliciously fragrant body washes – it makes your whole bathroom smell yummy, not to mention the scent lingers on your skin making you smile with every whiff. Plus, the best part about it that makes it a “hack” is that you don’t have to break the bank – that’s right, my secret weapon product is Suave Body Wash.

You can take their quiz to find out the right scent for you (there’s a scent for any mood or occasion), or go with some of my favorites like Sweet Pea & Violet or Tropical Coconut (which you’ll want to eat it’s so good). Once you take the quiz, you’ll get a discount – oh, and did I mention they’re only $2 each?! I get mine at Walgreens.

2. Eucalyptus: Hang a bunch of fresh eucalyptus from your shower head; tie the ends together with some twine and loop it around your shower head or around your shower curtain where it won’t get wet. The warm, steamy water will activate the oils to release the herb’s essential oils – this will create a spa-like ambiance while helping with everything from congestion to tension.

3. Lighting: When you go to a spa, have you noticed how the lights are dimmed? If you don’t have dimmable lights in your bathroom, you can light a few candles for a candlelit shower (my favorite!) or you can do what I used to do growing up and unscrew a few bulbs for dimmed lights if you don’t have candles on hand.

4. Declutter: Surely you can’t relax if your bathroom is a cluttered mess; take some time to go through cabinets and organize – you’d be surprised how much “stuff” your bathroom accumulates. Keep the counter tops as clear as possible and use Dollar Store bins to organize everything under the sink and in cabinets/storage closet. Dollar Store glasses make the perfect Q-tip and cotton ball holders, too. Think minimalist to create a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Calm music: There’s something about spa music that just makes you want to melt into a blissful sleep; create a Spa station on Pandora to stream while you steam.

6. Sugar scrub: Exfoliate and moisturize your body with the easiest DIY sugar scrub ever – dump some sugar (white or brown) in a mason jar or tupperware and add in coconut oil to make a scrub. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to enhance the spa-like experience.

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 minutes or 30 minutes designated to shower, these simple, cheap, or free shower hacks will give you the spa-like ambiance you deserve.