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As a mom to three little ones ages 4 and under, you’d think I had the whole car seat thing figured out by now, but alas, I did not. I was always dependent on my husband to install our seats or fix them when they got loose, and when I’ve had to swap seats out occasionally because of a change in schedule, I’ve had to call my mom or sister over, and between all of us, we haven’t been able to do it!

Just when I was getting ready to schedule a car seat check at our police station (yes, this is a thing! And it’s free, you should check it out), the Britax team reached out and was kind enough to spend the afternoon with my family, going over the ins and outs of the new One4Life Car Seat.

I don’t know who is more excited, the girls who have comfy, safe new seats or me, the mom who can now install seats HERSELF, the mom who will never have to buy another car seat again, because, you know, it’s called One4Life for a reason.

Why we love the Britax One4Life Car seat:

The one car seat you’ll ever need: Britax One4Life

1. One seat for all my kids


From that exciting first car ride home from the hospital through the 10-year-old booster seat, this seat easily transitions between modes: rear-facing, forward-facing 5-point harness, and high-back belt-positioning booster seat.

Not only does this make things simple for me, but it will save me a ton of money!

2. ClickTight Installation

I was nervous when the Britax team said that I would be installing the seats – I didn’t want them to see me clumsily knocking things around, agitated and sweating, like all of my other attempts at seat installation. But with their ClickTight system, it’s literally as easy as buckling a seat belt. All you do is lift the ClickTight door, thread and buckle the belt, and click it closed. Yup, it’s that easy for a safe, fool-proof installation.

3. Convenience & comfort

car seat

Cup holders: When I got my new van, I was determined to keep it clean, and that included the car seats. But with my old seats, all kinds of disgusting gunk from snacks and suckers would get stuck in the cup holders.

Enter One4Life to the rescue! These seats come with two removable, dishwasher safe holders.

one4life car seat

Buckle system: When you’re loading your kids in their seats, do you ever do the whole lift their butt and try to find the buckle game? It’s a superrrrr fun game to play with a toddler when you’re in a rush. Well these seats have a simple flip forward buckle for stress-free loading – it has seriously saved me time and time again during our busy morning routine.

one4life car seats

Comfy seats: After testing out the seat, my older girls promptly told me just how COMFY these seats were, so comfy they wanted to take a nap in them. Fine by me! In case they catch any cat-nap drool, the seat covers are completely machine washable.

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For more information on car seat safety, check out Britax’s free resources or leave any questions in the comments!