Gather as you go

Thank you Gather As You Go for sending me a copy of this book to review. All opinions are my own.

As a writer, I’ve always found value in jotting things down, from words of wisdom during high school Speech class, hilarious and wise thoughts from my Gram, advice from friends and family, and memories. There’s something I cherish about physically documenting these experiences that make them more concrete and valuable. It’s not often I find all the things I love and value beautifully bundled up in one book, but I’ve come across a true treasure in Carol Lavin Bernick’s Gather As You Go.

This is more than “just another coffee table book,” (which you know I love); it’s truly your total life resource book, sharing personal experiences, lessons, and wisdoms collected through the author’s life, all bound together in one inspirational book, taking you everywhere from corporate America and one’s civic duty to navigating motherhood, life’s celebrations, pitfalls, and everything in between.

The one book of lessons you need to add to your collection

Growing up, I always loved reading and collecting the Chicken Soup books, and Gather As You Go feels like a more inspiring, practical, and meaningful roadmap to navigate all of life’s important stages. What I love just as much as the insightful, helpful tips is that all of the net proceeds from the book are directly donated to Enchanted Backpack, a non-profit organization that gives school supplies to underserved schools in the Chicago area. And as a Chicagoland native, I particularly loved and appreciated the local references, including Carol’s children’s weddings, one of which took place in Lake Geneva, where I got married.

How to use the book

gather as you go book

Start at the very beginning – it’s a very good place to start (does anyone get that reference?!). Read the author’s intro to gain insight into why and how she wrote the book; then use the table of contents to pick and choose the areas you’re seeking advice or inspiration for.

Honestly, I just started reading it cover-to-cover during some relaxing bath time and couldn’t put it down. As a former English teacher, I want to annotate the heck out of this thing for my own use and to pass it along to family and friends, but the book is too precious- instead, I’ll be putting my annotations on sticky notes to preserve the beauty of the book.

Use it for yourself and then pass along to your loved ones, calling out which parts you want them to read – trust me, as you read it, you’ll find yourself wanting to share certain stories and lessons with specific people in your life.

My favorite lesson

An important call to action

I love that Carol calls readers to start gathering their own stories now – the power of written word is not to be ignored, and the little things you hear so-and-so say that you think you’ll never forget, trust me, at some point, you will – or your memory of it will get diluted. Start collecting. Start writing. Start creating your story and make a legacy of your own.

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