How To View Facebook Business Page Likes

If you have a Facebook business account or page for your blog, it can be useful to see who actually likes your page. I don’t know why this was so perplexing to me at first, but for months, I tried searching with no success. In order to run contests or just know more about your audience, it’s necessary to confirm who actually likes your page. Here are two simple ways to view your likes for your Facebook business page. Additionally, you might want to learn 11 ways to increase your Facebook reach organically,

Method 1:

  1. From your business Facebook page, click Settings, then People and Other Pages.
  2. This will bring up the list of all users who like your page.

Method 2:

  1. In the Facebook search bar type ‘people who like [insert name of business].’
  2. It will show you the first few, and just click ‘see more’ to view all.


Why I’m Mad at Scandal’s Abortion Episode

Millions of people watched Scandal’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside” episode last Thursday and for better or worse, had a strong reaction to it. Now fondly referred to as the abortion episode, the main character, the strong, powerful, driven Olivia Pope, had an abortion that came out of the blue. The 30 second clip at the end of the show shows Olivia in stirrups on the doctor’s table; it shows the doctor methodically turn on a machine and pick up an instrument; it shows Olivia’s serious, stoic face as Silent Night plays in the background, singing “Halleluiah” as the camera pans in on her face, staring up at the lights.

Olivia’s father, Rowan, is heard in a voice over saying, “Family is a burden … a pressure point, soft tissue, an illness, an antidote to greatness. You think you’re better off with people who rely on you, depend on you, but you’re wrong, because you will inevitably end up needing them, which makes you weak, pliable. Family doesn’t complete you. It destroys you.”


Digital Age Kills Textbooks

In our ever growing technological age, I understand the value of keeping up with technology and know its invaluable place in education. As a high school teacher, I enjoy using tablets and cell phones in the classroom for engaging, interactive learning, and I appreciate learning about new applications from research and from my peers. By teaching students with current technology, we will prepare them for their college years and future careers. In fact, the most successful people are ideas people, and by cultivating meaningful, problem-based learning through technological projects that promote thoughtful inquiry, we can lead students towards that path.

In an effort to stay current in this digital age, many schools are having a 1:1 model, meaning all students have a tablet or ipad that essentially replaces their textbooks. I believe as a teacher, it is my responsibility to adapt to new teaching strategies and learning initiatives, but I do not think that means I have to support abolishing text books. Can these values be mutually exclusive?

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