How I Got Published on Huffington Post

If you’re a blogger or writer, most likely one of your goals is to get published on Huffington Post, am I right? While you do not get paid to contribute as a blogger, there are so many benefits that I will go over and then share how I started blogging for them (and went viral!). On New Year’s Day, I sat down and made a list of resolutions, and at the top of my list was my goal of getting published on Huffington Post. I knew this was a stretch; not only had my online submissions already been denied, but so many other writers I know had also submitted for years with nothing published. I decided if I had to put years of dedication into this process, I might as well start now. However, my story is a bit different because for me, it took one day.

Some people have warily asked me advice because they didn’t want to steal my tips or thunder, but I am all about sharing. As writers, we need to support one another and help build each other up. If you have been published, I want to hear your story – comment below with your experience and advice to help other writers meet their goals.

Why Feminism is for Everyone

Let me ask you a question: Are you a feminist? (Shake your head yes or no.)

Okay, so when you heard the word feminist, what did you think of?

Angry lesbians who don’t wear bras?

Spiteful women who hate men?

Crazy females who believe women are superior to men and deserve special treatment?

Well, if that is the case, I would have a hard time convincing you that, in fact, YOU are a feminist. But thankfully my job is much easier because despite popular belief, feminism does not embody any of these statements. Are you shocked? Here, let me ask you another question: Do you believe men and women should have equal rights and opportunities socially, politically, and economically? Think about that statement. It would be difficult to find anyone who would say no to that question, right? 

Boost Your Facebook Reach Organically

Before I started blogging, I never realized that Facebook is a secret mastermind, using thousands of factors to formulate their (semi) secret algorithm that determines what users see on their news feeds. How annoying would it be if your feed included every post from all of your “friends” and pages you’ve liked? Super annoying, that’s how much. While Facebook does not divulge their ever-changing formula in its entirety, we do know several factors that go into it, and in fact, Facebook publishes relevant articles and news specifically for businesses on their Facebook for business page.

If you want to show up on your fans’ feeds, there are things you can and should be doing to boost your reach organically. What does that mean? Facebook is trying to eliminate fake likes; some people or companies have purchased packages of “likes” in order to increase their numbers, look more established, and hopefully entice others to join in their “thriving” community. Instead of amount of likes, you should focus on natural, consistent engagement. Let me share some ways you can achieve this.

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