The Power of Hello


Wow. See how easy that was? One little word. Five little letters. Try it yourself out loud- say it with me now- hello (you didn’t actually do it, did you? Say it now!).

I get it, we’re all busy. I’m a working first-time mom who practically loses my glasses when they’re on my face. The few times I’ve had the opportunity to leave the house for a non-work/non doctor’s appointment outing (I think there have been three times so far…), I’m disheveled and feeling out of sorts being detached from my 3.5 month old barnacle. Generally sporting a “natural” look without makeup, letting my not quite straight not quite curly but quite unmanageable hair do its thing, you will most likely catch me in a moment where even if you were my best friend, I would want to avoid you to avoid embarrassment.

Side note: I love that today’s generation of models are becoming very prominent household names off the runway. Ah, to be 20 and gallivanting the social scene with Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne, fresh faced and looking super cool with their effortless style. I, however, look like a sallow, untamed monster when going au naturel. This is not my look, and if you look pretty this way, congratulations. I truly mean it.


Boys Club: No Girls Allowed

Where do women fit into a male-dominated workplace?

I have been reading various articles of female discrimination in the workplace and couldn’t figure out how to best capture these stories and summarize them all for you. They are such personal, compelling, maddening stories and I feared I wouldn’t be able to properly capture each lady’s tales. After toying with the idea of telling my own story for quite some time, I decided honesty and full disclosure is the best policy. My story may not run as deep or be as severe as many of the articles I read, but it my own. I hesitated to write about my struggles in a past workplace that I truly loved so many things about; I learned a lot about myself, developed strong professional and personal relationships, and had opportunities to showcase my professional abilities. This workplace also became my family. That being said, I’ll share some of the challenges I faced that perhaps shows subtleties of gender discrimination against women. Am I being too sensitive and complaining, or did I have a legitimate reason to feel ostracized? You decide.

Open Your Eyes: Gender discrepancies in America- an issue for everyone

Over the summer I got really into Netflix documentaries and was so happy to have “Miss Representation” recommended to me. This 2011 documentary delves into America’s society of under-represented women in dominant, influential roles while pointing out the media’s limited, yet powerful, portrayal of women. Clearly these notions about inadequate and controlled depictions of women is nothing new, but I didn’t realize just how deep this issue runs. As you know, this is a topic I am very passionate about, and I was very troubled after watching this and urge all of you to watch it with your friends, family, boys, girls, and men alike.

Change will only occur from awareness, and awareness is only effective if everyone cares about this issue.

This film becomes really personal and connects to the viewer through intertwined footage of teenage girls’ stories along with interviews with women such as Katie Couric (love her), Condoleezza Rice, Gloria Steinem, and Rosario Dawson. All of these women enforce the message that “you can’t beat what you can’t see,” and isn’t that so true? Why are people comfortable talking about racial discrimination productively yet gender issues are not taken so seriously? You can’t beat what you can’t see.

So open your eyes.

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