Like all of you, I wear many hats – mom, writer, business owner, teacher, blogger – and like all of you, I am BUSY. Even when I’m not busy, I’m busy in the sense that I don’t have time to get ready. It’s a fun game my daughter and I play called ‘Mom tries to put on makeup and I try to take and open all of it.’ It’s super fun, you should try it.

I have undereye circles (always have), dark spots left over from blemishes, and my lips disappear on my pale face. These problem areas coupled with the fact that my makeup always creased and magically melted away left me on the epic quest to master what, I believe, every woman wants – a natural everyday face that stays put.

So I did it. Yup, that’s right, it does exist! Don’t let the steps scare you away – this whole face takes a few minutes; I completed it with my toddler and baby around in less than 10 min (this time included soothing my one-month-old & getting her to nap).

Everyday Face Routine

I’m using all SeneGence products, which I’m an independent distributor for. SeneGence is, in the smallest, quickest nutshell, a sweat-proof, waterproof, budge and smudge-proof cosmetics and skincare line, with skincare benefits in every product -cruelty-free and vegan, too!

Before and after

before after daily face


1 Start with a clean face and apply MakeSense foundation (I purposely omitted under my eyes). I wear the shade Creme Beige.

2-3 Apply Candlelight ShadowSense to any dark or bluish/purple parts of your under eye area. The peachy color cancels out any of these tones. ShadowSense is an eyeshadow but has tons of uses; it’s a creamy base so you have some time to blend it in, and once it sets, it doesn’t crease or budge. Under eye MAGIC.

4 Marvel at the results.

5 Use Sandstone Pearl Shadowsense to conceal/highlight under your eyes. I like to blend this in with clean fingers or a sponge.

6 Apply either Sandstone Pearl or Candlelight to eyelids; this acts as a primer/base and also eliminates any veins. Hey, where did my eye circles go?

7 Apply Moca Java to the crease and blend into lid. Blend blend blend.

8 Apply Moca Java Shimmer to center of lid and pat into lid, blending out in a patting motion.

9. Highlight under your brow and the inner corner of your eye with Sandstone Pearl or Sandstone Pearl Shimmer.

10 Use an eyeliner brush and brush some Onyx ShadowSense on it to use to line your upper lid.

11 Use a smudger or shadow brush to run some Moca Java under your lash line for soft definition. You can also use Onyx on your waterline or mix Moca with Onyx for a softer look. *Pro tip: I also use either Moca Java or Moca mixed with Onyx to fill my brows.

12  Apply LashSense mascara to lashes. This makes my lashes look so full and soft – you only need one coat and it lasts beautifully all day.

13 Apply 2 dots of Mocha Java ShadowSense to upper cheek bones, and use a blending brush to buff onto cheek bones for some bronze definition.

14 Apply 2 dots of Mocha Java to forehead and one small dot on each side of your nose. Blend to subtly contour.

15 Apply LipSense of choice; I used two layers of Bella with one Pink Champagne.

There you have it! You will love how your makeup doesn’t melt away, crease, or budge all day and night – I don’t even set my makeup or under eyes with powder!

Used in this post – join me for product ordering, color matches, or questions!

  • MakeSense Foundation – Creme Beige
  • ShadowSense – Moca Java, Moca Java Shimmer, Sandstone Pearl, Candlelight, Onyx
  • LashSense
  • LipSense & Glossy gloss