Indoor Snow Day activities

Snow days have a whole new meaning as an adult – as a kid, there was nothing better – snow days meant sledding, snowmen, hot cocoa, and time with friends.

When I was a teacher, I’d think, SCORE! A free day for planning, grading, or Netflix binging.

But now, Snow Day means no preschool, unplowed streets, and most kid-friendly places closed or filled with germy kids, so this morning I thought, “oh shoot, what the heck are we going to do today?” With my babes cooped up and lots of illness going around, I decided to do some indoor snow activities to pass the time.

These are all free, easy, and really fun activities to try on those cold, snowy days – enjoy!

  • Snow Ice Cream
  • Mr./Mrs. Potato Head snow balls
  • Snow sensory bins
  • Snow paint

A letter to Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

Everyone thinks their grandpa is the best, and that’s really nice and everything, but the truth is, mine actually was the best.

You were the actual best grandpa, great grandfather, dad, neighbor, worker, and friend. You’re the man everyone aspires to be, the one great character every reader is completely enamored with and that every author hopes to write about – but quite honestly, it may be impossible for even the best writer to capture your wit, smarts, quirks, and charm.

Last night, you died, and when I held your hand, it was still so big and warm, just like always. You looked like you; you still looked so handsome; you looked finally at rest. I can still feel you holding my hands, cupping them around mine since I was a kid to keep me warm, and until the very end, you were still my warm protector.

Happy 1st birthday, Olive

My dearest Olive,

Today you are one, and there’s so much I want to remember about this most incredible year of our lives – I say ours, because it’s not just me who you have this effect on, it’s everyone you meet and even people you’ve never met. You see, you have this uncanny way of making people fall in love with you, even if it’s just through pictures and videos.

Olive, you are the definition of sweetheart – you have THE sweetest heart. In fact, Daddy, Ginny, and I feel so strongly about this that we even call you “Sweetie Olive.”

I couldn’t possibly document your first year with the justice it deserves, but I’ll give you some of the highlights.

For the first few months of your life, you slept like a champ (now Daddy gets special time with you in the night when you wake). No one is more delighted than you to wake up – since you were born, you’d wake up sweetly cooing, then you’d sit up, smile, and babble, and now that you’re older, you “talk” to your baby doll and laugh. Your morning energy and sweetness makes any exhaustion melt away.

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