Why you need a fairy door ASAP

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Parents love the holidays, right? You love the twinkle in your little ones’ eyes, the spirit of magic, and creating traditions, but let’s face it, we also love the threat of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny looming over your kids, watching their every move (even when they’re sleeping).

So what happens when the season is over? No more, “Santa’s watchinggggg,” what’s a parent to do?! (Kind of kidding, kind of not.)

I’m so excited to share that I found the perfect solution – it inspires the magical season of the holidays all year round, ignites the imagination, and has the potential for year-round behavior control – enter, fairy doors.

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Easy Easter egg decorating ideas

When you’re tired of dye tablets and vinegar and want to up your game, these easy Easter egg decorating ideas are just the thing you need to add some adorableness to your home. I made my eggs two ways this year and had everything on hand already.

Here’s what you need:

Holy chic shaving cream eggs

  • boiled eggs
  • shaving cream
  • food coloring
  • spoon, toothpick, tongs
  • shallow dish or muffin tin
  • optional: metallic paint and latex gloves

Adorable friends painted eggs

  • boiled eggs
  • paint/brush
  • crayons or Sharpie

How to protect your kids with #saynoandtell

Women everywhere shared brave stories of everything from “putting up with” to surviving sexual abuse with the #metoo campaign in 2017, bringing attention to the severity of a widespread yet “hush hush” problem. You probably saw social media posts of friends, neighbors, teachers, or peers you never would have known suffered through some kind of sexual abuse coming forward to share that, yes…”me, too.” Brave, sad, enraging, despicable, inhumane – these were all words that came to mind as I read these #metoo stories.

It got me thinking about my own passion for humans and feminism, but more importantly after becoming a mom, it got me thinking about my kids. My two girls, specifically. While I applaud all the women for coming forward and appreciate having a platform to share the problem in an explosive way, I just kept coming back to my kids. My girls. Stories I’ve heard. Things that have been said to me. I don’t want them to join a #metoo campaign years from now. I don’t want to applaud their bravery or feel sad and enraged. I want it to stop. I need it to stop for them and all the little innocent boys and girls who grow into vulnerable teens. I need it to stop because it just has to.

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