Why Yes, My KMart Blazer IS From Bebe

It happened yesterday. One of those great, fulfilling, I-am-a-rock-star kind of moments that left me beaming on the inside, yet acting nonchalantly cool.

Let me preface this with a bit about me- I am a high school teacher, meaning not only do I have the all-important job of shaping the minds of the next generation, but more significantly, it means I am judged by hundreds of teenagers a day. What I wear matters more than it really should in my profession, but hey, I aim to please. Also, I’m not too interested in being on the worst-dressed teachers’ list in the minds of our youth.

So when I heard my female students whispering and gasping at my (admittedly) adorable blazer, I couldn’t help but perk up. And maybe when they asked if it was a Bebe blazer, I cooly replied “yes.” Who am I to call them on their error and let them know my high-end looking “Bebe” blazer is really from…gasp…K-Mart? http://bit.ly/1oJx88a

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