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What is SeneGence & why is everyone talking about it?

You’ve probably seen SeneGence posts pop up on Facebook and Instagram from your friends or friends of friends but may either quickly scroll past it or stop in amazement as you watch the magic lipstick, aka LipSense, not smear or budge. But what is SeneGence, how do you pronounce it, and why is everyone talking about it?

What is SeneGence?

SeneGence (seh-nuh-jence) is the company that makes LipSense but is also a full makeup and skin care line. The skincare and cosmetics line is not only primarily made from natural ingredients but is all completely anti-aging; the makeup is waterproof, sweat-proof, and budge proof.

Started by single momma Joni Rogers in 1999, Joni is very particular about the ingredients she puts in her products – that’s why the whole line is wax, gluten, and lead-free, not tested on animals, and is made in pharmaceutical grade rated manufacturing facilities in the USA. Score.

The products HELP rather than harm your skin and are tested for results. Their promise is 100% satisfaction guarantee!

How to wash your makeup brushes

I’ve partnered with @JohnsonsBaby for this post.

If you ever use makeup brushes and have wondered if you need to clean them, how often you need to clean them, or if this thought never crossed your mind, you’re in the right place. The answer is YES, you need to clean your makeup brushes and you need to do it regularly – I’ll show you how to wash your makeup brushes simply so it becomes a part of your normal routine.

Think about it – we’re constantly reminded not to touch our faces because of spreading dirt and bacteria, yet I speculate many people rub brushes on their faces daily without washing them. By not cleaning your brushes, you’re allowing skin particles, dust, old product, germs, and bacteria to grow and transfer to your face and to your cosmetics, and the grimy circle of filth continues on and on. Yuck.

I’m in the habit of regularly washing and disinfecting my brushes with three products – water, tea tree oil, and JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo. Since I have kiddos, I always have the baby shampoo anyway, and I like to add in tea tree oil because it naturally disinfects and gets rid of bacteria. The shampoo is gentle, removes makeup residue well, and leaves your bristles conditioned, too. This combination will leave your makeup brushes with a clean, refreshing, delicious smell.

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