Favorite iPhone Apps It's S imply Lindsay

I’m someone who doesn’t like clutter, so when it comes to my iPhone apps, I try to keep them to a minimum, only displaying my absolute favorite, frequently used apps. Aside from the standard social media apps, as a blogger and mom, these are the top apps I use daily, and include everything from keeping my daughter educationally entertained and checking Instagram stats to photo and video editing.

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Favorite iPhone Apps

Apps with It's Simply Lindsay


Aviary is my go-to photo editing app. While I’m not all about going filter crazy, I do love this app to brighten my photos. Here’s a before and after shot of some basic editing in Aviary.

Aviary editing

This is generally my editing process in Aviary:

  1. Effects –> Style theme –> Uptown (adjust for how bright you want it)
  2. Adjust –> Play around with brightness, highlights, and adding shadows

Video Filters- Free

This is a great basic app to….yup, you guessed it, add filters to your videos! The name says it all – you can simply enhance your videos with a variety of filters, and there’s no watermark or time limit. Here’s an example of a before and after video using Video Filters:



Followers- Free

Followers is a great way to keep track of your Instagram followers. You can check for New Followers, Have Unfollowed Me, Are Not Following Back, I’m Not Following Back, Users Who Blocked Me (in-app purchase for the block feature). After you check once a day, multiple times, or even just once a week, you can reset the numbers back to zero so you can keep an eye out for whatever metrics you’re keeping track of, and this way, you can easily see your new followers to have unfollowed me ratio. You have the ability to unfollow 60 people per hour with this application as well.


Boomerang is a fun little app that lets you capture about 3 seconds-worth of video, then loops it back and forth, making sharing to Facebook and Instagram possible with a touch of a button. Here’s an example of what a Boomerang video looks like in action. This is great to add life, fun, and dimension to your social media, and I love using it to quickly show off a product, like swiping on a new lipstick.


Endless ABC- $8.99

I foolishly thought I would never let my daughter play with my iPhone – ha, I’m happy to admit I was wrong. My daughter LOVES this funny, engaging word puzzle game that uses cute little monsters to sound out letters as you touch them. A word is spoken and displayed, then the letters are jumbled out of place, and you have to touch the letter and drag it into its correct spot to spell the word. You’ll love the monster noises as you touch and drag the sounds, and this works on coordination, letters, and spelling!

endless abc

iTot Cards- Free

These toddler flashcards are great educational tools and are broken into easy and advanced categories. Watch your toddler explore and learn animals, food, colors, alphabet, numbers, shapes, objects, and more! I love being able to hand over the phone to my daughter and have her navigate through the flashcards on her own, but my favorite part is listening to her mimic the animal noises.

Case app Its Simply Lindsay

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