A few weeks ago, I announced my second pregnancy, giving a little update (or, bump-date, if you will) about how things are going so far.

Today, I’m 15 weeks pregnant with baby number two, and this morning we headed over to the ultrasound clinic to find out the gender. So what do you think? Boy or girl? I’ll answer the questions to some old wive’s tales first:

  • Carrying high, girl, low, boy: I’m carrying low
  • Little girls will steal your beauty: My skin & body have definitely taken a hit.
  • Heart beat under 140, boy: Baby’s heart rate has been in the high 160’s.
  • Craving sweet? Girl. Salty? Boy: I’ve been leaning towards salty.
  • Sick as a dog? Girl: If you know me, you know I’ve been extremely ill.
  • Extremely moody? Girl: I may have been sick, but I can’t say I’ve felt moody.
  • Dream of having a boy? Then you’re having a girl: Justin and I both had dreams of a boy.
  • Headaches? Then you’re having a boy: I’ve been waking up every night with headaches.

Gender Reveal Announcement

It’s A…

Gender reveal Gender reveal Gender reveal Gender reveal Gender reveal Gender reveal


Yay, it’s a girl! Ginny is going to have a little sister, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring another sweet nugget into this world. Baby girl’s due date is January 21, which is Ginny’s birthday.

Gender reveal Gender reveal

For the gender reveal, I made this fringe pull-string pinata, and I love how it came out! I may even consider using it or making more for the baby’s nursery, what do you think?

Gender reveal

The Dress

You may be seeing A LOT of this Asos Maternity dress (thank you, Asos, for sending me the best maternity clothes). My exact dress is linked below along with some of my other favorites. All of my Asos maternity clothes have surpassed my expectations – I’m always hesitant to buy clothes online without trying them on, but everything I have received FITS PERFECTLY. All the clothes are super comfy and stylish.

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates! What are your favorite ways to reveal a baby’s gender? Leave me a comment below : )