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This year, my family is making a big push away from flashy, one-trick-pony toys – you know, the ones on commercials and in catalogs that every kid has to have because it’s so wildly publicized and commercialized. These are usually toys with batteries and these are the toys that pretty much do the work for you. There really isn’t a need for imagination, and there’s only one way to use the toy.

We spent last week purging our toy room away from these toys and donated them to a local up and coming daycare center. Now, we’re purposefully keeping items that are multi-use, spark imagination, and can be used over and over again for years to come.

Check out my top picks for toddler and children gifts this year, and let me know what’s on your kids’ wish lists!

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Gift guide for kids and toddlers

Water beads

Just add water and have endless hours of fun with these water beads! Use with a bin and fine motor tools for extra fun and skill development.

Fine motor tool set

Use this set for our water beads, sand, pom poms – so many uses, let your kids show you their skills!


The new digital kids camera has tons of photo and video functions that are all kid-friendly. Your kiddos will love the 7 scene selections and 15 photo frames.

Mindful cards

A must-have set of cards for every family.

City block set

This block set is so darling, high quality, has gorgeous colors, and leaves so much to the imagination.

Washable Dot markers

This is a great addition to your craft station!

Art set

This was my niece’s favorite gift last year – she still uses it and is the envy of my kids (who will be getting it this year shhhh).


I love how much my kids love learning – I normally print off individual activity pages for them, but this big book is much more convenient and economical!

Candy land

Everyone remembers playing Candy Land as a kid – this classic game is the perfect gift for kiddos of all ages.

Learn & practice Spanish 

My kids love learning Spanish words – start their curiosity young with this book.


Music is a driving force in our family – start them off with this darling ukulele.

Magnet tiles

I love to be hands-off and let my kids’ inner architects, designers, and artists shine though with magnet tiles.

Ice cream set

This has been my kids’ favorite food set for years!

Kids vacuum with real suction

Kids love toy vacuums – parents love toys that ACTUALLY CLEAN!!

Indoor snowballs

Hours of fun await you with this indoor snowball kit! Watch as your kids make up games, laugh, and exercise with these snowballs that feel like snow – without the mess.


This is the food set our library has, and it’s my kids’ absolute favorite – the quality is so great, and the bins make it easy to store and sort by color, type, etc.

Car ramp 

This classic car ramp is perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids.

Name puzzle

These darling name puzzles are hand-made and come in different colors.

name puzzle

Vintage luxe play kitchen

Happy shopping!