happy birthday olive

Oh, my Olive Shea – where do I even begin? Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet baby girl. I’m writing this as I’m watching you play with your sister, and my heart just swells with love for you – it always has. Ever since you were born, I was completely enamored with you, and that feeling has never stopped. There’s something so special and different about you that it’s hard to describe – it’s more of a feeling – and even someone who is around you for a few minutes or sees a video of you can sense it.

You are the funniest person I have ever met – you’re hilarious without trying, you make me laugh without even talking – your facial expressions and body language are funny. You just have that “it” factor.

In an effort to keep up with your big sis, you followed her suit and did everything quick – walking at 9 months, talking in complete sentences very early, singing songs, and dancing like you’re much older than you are. I have full-blown, adult conversations with you, and you make me laugh. Every. Single. Time.

It’s impossible to get mad at you because your face is just SO DARN CUTE – I can’t even handle it! You just gave me one of those cheesy, toothy, full-face smiles, and I seriously get butterflies in my stomach. You’re something else. You’re my smart, sweet, salty, hilarious, wild, strong-willed, loving girl, and my life and the world is better with you in it. Thanks for being born Olive Shea bay bay.

Happy 2nd birthday Olive Shea

Thoughts from family

GrammaOlive has a great laugh and sense of humor. She giggles and makes funny faces while she dances around. She’s a very happy child. Also, on 3 occasions she decided to hide from me. She’s not your typical 1-2 year old. When she hides, it’s not an obvious place like when children go next to a wall and close their eyes. I seriously cannot find her. One time I didn’t find her and I had to wait for her to come out! Last week, she was in my tub, laying face down!! It’s a Jacuzzi so you can’t see her when she’s in there!

Papa: I love how Olive doesn’t say anything but will just come and sit right next to me and hold my hand or bring a book and then simply stare at me–like will you read me this book now?! I love her so much I named my company after her. She is smart, beautiful, kind, loving, smiling, great sense of humor and has an extraordinary personality.

Lauren: Olive has always been a special little girl. I have always found her to be hilarious and her personality is my favorite. I love coming over and having her answer the door completely naked or have her life her shirt to show me her belly. Her mad face is adorable, and her laugh is infectious.

Stephanie: Olive is the most fun-loving, sweetest girl. She is full of life and pure silliness and is one of the most unique little humans I’ve ever encountered. The more she grows, the more her personality grows too, and I can’t wait to see how her personality develops every year!

Brian: Olive is always full of smiles and loves her Uncle Brian. She runs when no one’s chasing her because she’s just a genuinely happy child and knows someone will catch on her to energy and chase her eventually.

Miranda: Olive is always trying to run and play with her big sister and cousins. She’s not always as fast as them with her little legs, but she never let’s that stop her from keeping up with them! She’s the cutest and always smiling and laughing.

Jimmy: Olive has the biggest cheeks that are the cutest – they just keep getting bigger! She loves to dance, shake, giggle, and play. She loves playing ghost with Miranda and me and is the absolute sweetest.

Ginny: Olive is so nice to me; when she says, “knock knock, who’s there? Pillow!” it’s the funniest!

Milestones & memories

  • You were the star of Artis. You came to volunteer with me at the memory care center 3 times a week for 6 months. You were their best medicine, and everyone fell in love with you, from the workers to the residents. Seeing their purest joy being in your company made me the happiest momma.
  • We went to Mackinac, and you loved all the outdoor time with Papa and Gramma; you loved seeing all the horses, going on hikes, and literally just sitting on the lawn outside. It was amazing – no toys, no electronics, just good old-fashioned playtime and family time.

  • You love the lake house; every day you pretend we’re going there. You love the boat, playing in the pool with Papa and Dad, going on walks to the Abbey, and spending all the time with Gramma.
  • You were Queen Elizabeth for Halloween and proudly said, “I AM THE QUEEN, QUEEN ELIZABETH!”

  • You were a flower girl in Jimmy & Miranda’s wedding; you were so great all day, but when it came time to walk down the aisle, I had to wrestle with you while everyone was looking – you finally won – I abandoned you, laughed it off, and walked down the aisle solo.

  • You love visiting Papa and Uncle Jimmy at work – when it’s nice, we all go to the park or color at your desk.
  • Nana comes over every week; you love running to the door to give her a hug. You also love playing with Grampy, Joseph, and Facetiming with Kayla,
  • Your friends are: Annabelle, Michael, Teddy, Nathan, and Olivia.

  • You’re trying to potty train yourself – you’ve definitely been ready, but I just need the time and patience to commit.
  • You meeting Elsie was one of my all-time favorite moments. You took to your new baby sister instantly; the love between you is evident, and you’re so kind and gentle to her.

Happy birthday, my love!