Travel Themed Playroom

Ginny’s playroom makeover is a long time coming, and I am thrilled to reveal her travel themed playroom transformation. When we first bought our house, we had the perfect little room for a home office, and once Ginny came, we knew it would be ideal for a playroom – so out with the desks and in with…all of the “stuff.” My first attempt at her playroom was literally just using the space as an overflow for all of the lovely items people bought us for our shower and when she was born. It was perfect – Ginny was too small to play with most toys anyway, and the room is tucked away where I would never have to see it if I didn’t want to. But then, as things tend to happen, Ginny grew up and actually had a need for her own space to play.

I knew I had to face that dreaded room, stashed with “stuff” and “things.” I knew I wanted an adorable space for her to learn and play and grow in, but the room was little and didn’t look like the extravagant rooms I saw on Pinterest. I’m happy to share with you that if you have a “regular” house like me, you can makeover your playroom, too.

DIY Non-Toxic All Purpose Cleaner

I’m a bit of a cleaning fanatic- I can’t relax and watch TV if I see specks of dust on the lampshade, and my husband can attest to my totally ‘rational’ meltdowns about dusty wood floors. I love cleaning products- I love the smell and I love using them, knowing I’m making my home clean. Since I’ve had my daughter, I’ve been more interested in learning about what products I’m using as I’m spraying them all over the house.

A Pinterest search for DIY cleaners led me down the beautiful path to my new love obsession- Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. First, a little history lesson, because if you’re like me, you’re wondering what the heck ‘Castile soap’ is, am I right? Centuries ago, soap was made is Spain’s Castile region from olive oil, and now, Castile soap refers to any vegetable oil-based soap, which guarantees a completely ecological, simple solution to cleaning. As a cleaning buff, I can attest to the fact that this stands up to the most potent cleaning products out there.

DIY Etched Wooden Spoons

Like many people, I get swept into this alternative universe called My Pinterest Life. In My Pinterest Life, I contour and highlight my face, wear my hair in tousled beachy waves created by my flat iron and homemade sea salt spray, and have fresh peonies in my house at all times – in every room of the house. In My Pinterest Life, I paint throw pillows, make my own oversized watercolor art, and screen print my own graphic tees. In reality, I do my 5-minute-makeup look the same everyday, wear my hair in pony tails, and do actually have fresh flowers in the house (thanks, husband). In reality, I spend way too much time looking for deals on throw pillows, buy art from Hobby Lobby, and buy my tees from TJ Maxx.

However, blogging has been bridging the gap between reality and My Pinterest Life. I’m always striving to challenge myself to try new things because I’m always thinking, what can I blog about? I could buy some wooden spoons, or I can jazz them up and put it on my blog. So thank you blog for bringing about these DIY Etched Wooden Spoons.