My New Coffee Table Accessories

Yesterday my little family and I went on a nice Saturday shopping outing, and I am thrilled with my purchases! I’m so excited to share my clothing and jewelry choices in later fashion posts this fall, but for now, I want to show you my new coffee table styling choices.

I love gold, I always have. I wore gold accessories when only silver was cool. I thank my parents for getting me a few gold rings when I was young because my unique gold claddagh ring and classic gold and diamond band that I still wear today were the catalysts to my obsession.

It’s no surprise that my house is filled with gold and brass accents. I feel it adds a comfy warmth to any room with a touch of elegance. While I have had fun styling other tables in my house using my coffee styling tips and tricks, my main living room table remained bare. I don’t know why I thought that because we have a baby that our table must be kept plain…except for the remote controls, baby toys, chap stick, snack wrappers, and other odds and ends.

Upgrade Thrift Store Art

When my husband and I bought our home almost three years ago, I listened to the advice of my family and friends about how to tackle decorating- go slowly and one room at a time. Yes, I ‘listened’ to this advice, but I did not abide by these wise words. I’m the type of person who, when I get something in my head, needs it done immediately. When this usually does not happen, I become extremely overwhelmed, neurotic, and completely fixated on this project or vision until I complete it (and become pretty crabby in the process). I sound delightful, right?

I had been searching for art work or pictures to fill my lonely living room wall space forever with no luck. I felt the Home Goods gods were against me because they have never failed me on any home decor quest before. The more I searched, the more discouraged I got, or I would fall in love with something that was out of my budget. That’s when I decided to take things into my own hands.



Transform Your Yard: Any Size or Budget

People often take great care to upkeep the front of their homes to add curb appeal while neglecting an extremely important part of their house- the backyard. Gone are the days where yards are only spaces for the kids or dogs to roam free and have fun; now, backyards are incredible outdoor living spaces for adults and the whole family. Anyone can transform their scarcely used space into a perfect spot for entertaining, dining, relaxing, or a cozy nook for reading- the possibilities are endless.

If you’re short on space or tight on budget, there are simple solutions for you. Or, if you’re ready to commit to a total outdoor makeover, you’ll find some inspiration below. From small patios and decks to terraces and verandas, get ready to transform your yard to the outdoor oasis you’ve been waiting for!