Knee friendly full body workout roundup It's Simply Lindsay

Since having my baby, my body completely changed. While I used to thrive off of high intensity workouts, my joints can no longer handle that kind of impact, so I was left to search Pinterest and Youtube for exercises:

  1. I could do at home
  2. Were rigorous
  3. Were easy on my knees
  4. I could complete in less than an hour
  5. That I could still feel the burn

I am rounding up my favorite exercises that meet my criterion in addition to being enjoyable – these are all workouts I actually look forward to doing, and I know you will, too.

Since these workouts are generally short, you can do them every day, and you can mix and match them, depending on what you want to focus on. I think arms and abs are a great addition to every workout, and I do these daily. Be sure to pin this for easy access, and have a friend join in, too. By having accountability to someone, you’ll be more likely to follow through with your workouts.

Full Body Workout Roundup (Knee-Friendly)

Lower Body

The Best Lower Body Workout for Bad Knees: Jessica Smith can do no wrong in my book. She has every kind of at-home workout you can dream of, from the under the weather routine and Latin spice dance walk to flexibility training and cardio ballet. Jessica’s workouts are approachable yet rigorous, and she always shows modifications.

Booty WOW! Knee Friendly Butt & Thigh Workout: Get ready for some serious booty sculpting and entertainment with Josie’s knee-friendly butt and thigh workout. I seriously felt my body changing after the first exercise. Josie will have you burning, laughing, and oh-so-entertained in this 15 minute workout.


10 Minutes to Tone: Eliminate Arm Jiggle: Another absolute favorite of mine, Pop Sugar Fitness. Pop Sugar Fitness got me through my pregnancy workouts, and they have a full range of workout videos for all levels. In this 10 minute video, you’ll work all areas of your arm, including getting a slight cardio burst in with some of the moves!

7 Day Arm Jiggle Challenge

7 day arm jiggle challenge


Daily abs workout: from me! I compiled my favorite ab moves that target all areas of your abs in one daily routine. The post also gives you easy descriptions of all the moves.


Full body

30-minute Knee-Friendly Total Barre: Jessica Smith is at it again, bringing you a knee-friendly total body barre workout.

Do you have problems with your knees? How do you make time to workout at home? Share your favorite workouts, tips, and tricks with me!