Through the wonderful world of social networking, I crossed paths with the talented entrepreneur Jenny Taylor of Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography. If you’re already familiar with boudoir photography, great, you’re a few steps ahead of the game. If not, you might be wondering A. how it’s pronounced (boo-dwar) or B. if you should be embarrassed from reading about it.

Side note: as I was just about to write that NO, you should not be embarrassed about it, my husband looked at my computer screen where I had boudoir pictures up for some research, and he strangely inquired what I was up to…okay, so I felt slightly strange about it at first…

The teacher in me wants to give you a little background- boudoir is a late 18th century French word meaning a woman’s bedroom or a private sitting room (private sitting room…sounds extremely stimulating, eh?). Today, women have boudoir photography taken in private settings to capture a woman’s essence- depending on your preference, these pictures can be sweet, classy, or sensual. Since this rising trend is here to stay, I teamed up with Jenny to go over some questions about boudoir photography and her business.

Simply Featured: Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography

Jenny, why photography?

I’ve always had a love and appreciation for capturing beauty from the lens of a camera. Even when I was little I would beg my sister to pose for my pink plastic camera! It is such a privilege for me to capture beautiful moments for others on camera, helping them create lasting memories for them and their loved ones.

How did you get started in boudoir photography?

I started boudoir photography when I was a wedding photographer. So many of my brides were interested in doing a boudoir photo shoot as their groom’s gift for the wedding day. Since it became so requested and popular, I decided to make this my full time business. I adore working with women every day, helping them create a gorgeous and sexy surprise for their husband’s- to- be.

Who would benefit from a boudoir photoshoot with you?

Our favorite benefit of doing boudoir pictures is the confidence and empowerment this brings to women. Real women that don’t often have time to get their hair and makeup done or feel beautiful for a day have that special opportunity to do so. We love working with busy moms, business women, brides- really, every type of woman-and seeing how amazing they feel and look the day of their photo shoot.

Who are your clients?

All women, all ages, and all walks of life. We love helping every single woman feel sexy and comfortable! That is why we have an all-female staff, so that every client will feel as comfortable as possible. That is also why we have a private, luxurious boudoir studio for a very professional environment for them.

Okay, I’m interested- where can I get more information?

We encourage those interested to fill out a “Contact Us” form on our website. We will have one of our boudoir consultants call you for a complimentary boudoir consultation. She will explain our process and review availability and packages with you over the phone to make it nice and convenient for every client. We also have a very helpful informational video that explains our process.

A lot of my readers may think, ‘I don’t photograph well; I’m not sexy; I’m nervous; I don’t have a big budget for this.’

This is something that is “out of the comfort zone” for almost all of our clients. That is completely normal! Our style of photography is elegant, tasteful, and classy to give real women a gorgeous one-of-a-kind bombshell look. We have a variety of price ranges to meet the different needs of each unique client. We hope every women has the opportunity to do this for herself and loved one! This truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

Overall, here is my message to my hesitant readers- if this seems totally foreign to you and out of your comfort zone, all the more reason to try it. In fact, I urge you to make it a bucket list item for this year.  Why not capture a personal side of you by someone whose job it is to bring out the very best? If being a glammed up bombshell doesn’t sound good to you, I don’t know what does! From a tasteful picture of you putting on your makeup and pearls to a classy and sensual image of you for that special someone, there is a boudoir photoshoot calling your name. Whether you’re a single gal who wants to capture yourself in this moment, married 10, 20, 30 years and want to revamp your womanly style, or any size woman between 0 and 100, get it girl.