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Guest post by: Lucy Wyndham

The health and weight loss industry is worth trillions in the global market. Companies are realizing the huge trend in people wanting to lose weight, stay healthy, or get fit, and are making money from the demand. This is why you probably see a new fitness fads pop up every couple of months. However, not every diet trend that you see in the news is scientifically sound. Here are two of the worst popular diets to follow and how you can fix it up to provide a healthy and efficient diet for your body.

Two popular health fads to avoid and two to try instead

Try Intermittent Fasting

Instead of a 24-hour day of fasting, a new fad called intermittent fasting could be the answer to your diet needs. Backed by scientists such as Mark Mattson and John Trepanowski, intermittent fasting is based on scientific evidence and essentially challenges the social norms of eating. It states that people do not need to eat at the times that society has told them they need to eat. Instead, you should listen to your stomach and the scientific evidence that states it takes between four to six hours to digest food. Therefore, intermittent fasting limits eating to a specific time window. On this diet, you eat between 11 am to 8 pm and fast from 8 pm to 11 am the next morning. This allows your digestive system enough time to digest your food and maintain homeostasis in your body. You can eat what you want during this period, but if you stick to a Mediterranean Diet, you can burn even more during your off-time.

Avoid Meal Replacements

For the longest time, diets have focused on meal replacements that can help people lose weight. Recently, celebrities such as Nicole Richie have supported a juicing diet that serves as a meal replacement. Richie states that she gets a daily supply of juices delivered to her door every morning and the drinks replace her meals and snacks. However, this is extremely dangerous as it neglects many of the nutrients your body needs to grow healthy and strong. When you juice a fruit, you remove the essential healthy fibers and lose necessary proteins.

Try Subscription Boxes

Meal replacements are popular because of their convenience. Having a diet plan delivered directly to your door makes it very easy for people to commit to a new health regimen. However, you can still get the convenience without risking the benefits. Many health organizations have worked with scientists and nutritionists to develop fitness subscription boxes that can give you a diet plan in a box. You can have a box designed specifically for your dietary needs with everything you need to create a meal or a jacked pack box that has the extra nutritional supplements you need to generate the body of your dreams. Be sure to check out the credentials of each box and ensure that you’re getting everything you need to stay healthy and fit.

Whenever you find a new diet on the internet or in your latest fitness magazine, it is important that you do your research. See what the scientists are saying about each diet and protect your body from risky fads.