Why you need a fairy door ASAP

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Parents love the holidays, right? You love the twinkle in your little ones’ eyes, the spirit of magic, and creating traditions, but let’s face it, we also love the threat of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny looming over your kids, watching their every move (even when they’re sleeping).

So what happens when the season is over? No more, “Santa’s watchinggggg,” what’s a parent to do?! (Kind of kidding, kind of not.)

I’m so excited to share that I found the perfect solution – it inspires the magical season of the holidays all year round, ignites the imagination, and has the potential for year-round behavior control – enter, fairy doors.

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Why you need a fairy door ASAP

What is a fairy door?

Put these adorable mini doors in your child’s bedroom or playroom to encourage imagination and pretend play, and use it to incorporate beloved childhood traditions from the land of make believe with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Christmas Elf, and of course, just plain old magical fairies. Just stick them on the bottom of a wall or above your baseboard with some 3M adhesive, and you’re good to go.

Fairy doors are a great way to get kids through tough stages like transitioning to a new bed or room, potty training (hello Potty Fairy!), and overall, fairies LOVE tidy rooms and good behavior. After all, fairies have a hard time coming out to sprinkle magical dust on naughty kids.

I’m sure your kiddos understand that fairies can’t be seen by human eyes – otherwise they’d lose their magic powers. That’s why they’re encouraged to write letters or draw pictures for their fairy and wait to discover a response.

Top fairy doors

Lil’ Fairy Door Door comes in 6 colors and available on Amazon Prime.

blue fairy door fairy doors


Enchanted Fairy Door –  comes in 8 styles including various colors, glow in the dark, and glitter!

fairy door

Includes: Door, door knocker, knob, glitter fairy dust, and fairy door key. Sprinkle your fairy dust and leave the key out- when the key disappears, good news! That means your fairy moved in.

Personalized fairy door 

This fairy door comes with a personalized sign; the shop offers a variety of styles for boys and girls.

fairy door

Little World’s Sage Green Fairy Door kit with ladder and fairy door mat- a gorgeous hand-painted sage green fairy door kit with a ladder, mat, and pair of shoes. (Available on Amazon.)

Child to Cherish Tooth Fairy Door (white & pink)

(Available on Amazon.)

fairy door

Fairy books to accompany your door

Lasting thoughts

Who is ready to get a fairy door? How would you use it with your little ones?