why you need the halo bassinet

Thank you HALO for sending the swivel bassinet for me to try! This post contains affiliate links.

When my family was preparing for our third baby girl to arrive, we had a lot going on in our home – from moving around most of our major rooms and trying to figure out what new products to buy, we knew by now that babies don’t really need much.

But she would need a place to sleep.

We used a normal bassinet with my first two that worked fine, but I had hastily given it away to a painter when he was telling me he was getting ready to have his first.

But, it turns out it was a blessing in disguise because I always heard about the HALO Bassinets from mom friends and was thrilled to give the swivel model a try.

Spoiler alert – it’s amazing. I’m only sad I didn’t have it from the very start.

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Why you need the HALO Bassinet

halo bassinet

Why i love it

Elsie has been sleeping in this since our first night home from the hospital. She sleeps in it at night and for naps – she doesn’t have any complaints!

Note: Halo also has the BEST swaddles and sleep sacks. Ours has the option to swaddle with arms in or out.


  • The legs can easily fit under a bed or furniture so it conveniently and seamlessly fits in with the rest of your room’s layout and decor without getting in the way.
  • You can adjust it up and down, which for me is huge! We put ours exactly at our bed’s height so in the night, it’s easy to check on her.
  • The side of it easily collapses so you can literally just roll over in bed, collapse the side with your arm, and safely roll the baby over to you to nurse, diaper change, etc.
  • It swivels – and that’s awesome. My other daughters especially like this feature as they swivel their baby sister back and forth (which Elsie REALLY likes).
  • There’s mesh siding, so you can feel really close to your baby – you can even see each other.
  • Depending on which one you get, there are extra features, like a night light, vibration setting, music, and more.

  • There’s a built in pouch – I always keep a few diapers, rash cream, and wipes in there.


Where to buy

In case you have coupons for different stores, here are some places you can buy my same bassinet.

Target | Amazon | Wal Mart

Lasting thoughts

If you’re on the fence or have any questions that I didn’t cover, just leave a comment below!