Starting Today: How to Get Back on Track

It happens to all of us. It generally hits me on Sundays, after I’m out of my standard daily routine from the week. All of my hard work of reaching my goals during the week sometime becomes lax. While I focus on healthy eating on a regular schedule during the week, I might make an exception for a piece of celebratory birthday cake on the weekend. Well, the one piece of birthday cake turns into indulging in some pizza the next day, and heck, while I’m at it, why not throw in a glass of soda, and since I’m off my game, I might as well skip my workout and wait until Monday to get back on track, right? That makes sense.

It can be any habit, not just food; from over-indulging in a bit of partying, losing focus on your daily prayer, letting your housework slip, or blowing your budget on an impromptu shopping spree. No matter your goals, when we let ourselves stumble, the repercussions can feel devastating. I’ve been there before – oh gosh, have I been there before! Instead of wallowing in self-pity or spiraling out of control, take charge in these moments and make the necessary change. Now. Not later. Not tomorrow. Not Monday. Now!

11 Ways to Combat Stress Right Now

I am a very odd person.

I can feel physically bothered to my very core from seeing dust around my house. I feel anxiety when plans are not set in stone. My stress manipulates itself in my stomach, causing nervous belly aches when I hear a ‘mouth smacking’ noise. However, with all of my annoyingly peculiar triggers that instigate huge amounts of internal stress, I am the calming force among anyone around me. See, I told you, I am odd.

I have always been the go-to person of my family and friends in moments of crisis and tension because, although I may not personally have it all together, I excel and comforting others and making them view situations differently. Even as a child, I prided myself on my optimism and positivity, which sometimes bothered my parents. See, if I was being scolded and sent to my room, I would go with a smile on my face and find something to play with in there. As I’ve matured, I have learned to use my positive energy to help people in my life de-stress and want to share some tips on how to calm yourself at the moment of crisis.

The Comparison Game: Where’s the Line?

How do we know where we stand in the world?

Well that’s a lofty question, how about we start with food. How do you gauge a meal at a restaurant? You compare it to the most delicious dishes you have had, think about the worst ones, and decide where it falls.

Comparing is natural, comparing is normal, and comparing is even necessary to understand your placements in life.

Did you know that things you learn in school actually come back to prove their relevance? Oh, learning is a beautiful thing. In a communications course I took in college, I learned about social comparison theory; this theory states that we compare ourselves to others in order to know how we’re doing if there is no objective means of evaluation. We do this by comparing upwards and downwards of where we stand, which has positive implications and negative effects.

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