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This post contains affiliate links. That means I receive a tiny commission¬†at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting my blog! Parents love the holidays, right? You love the twinkle in your little ones’ eyes, the spirit of magic, and creating traditions, but let’s face it, we also love the [...] Read More....

March 23, 2018 By Lindsay | 0 Comments

When you’re tired of dye tablets and vinegar and want to up your game, these easy Easter egg decorating ideas are just the thing you need to add some adorableness to your home. I made my eggs two ways this year and had everything on hand already. Here’s what you [...] Read More....

March 17, 2018 By Lindsay | 9 Comments

Women everywhere shared brave stories of everything from “putting up with” to surviving sexual abuse with the #metoo campaign in 2017, bringing attention to the severity of a widespread yet “hush hush” problem. You probably saw social media posts of friends, neighbors, teachers, or peers you never would have known [...] Read More....

March 9, 2018 By Lindsay | 1 Comments

This post contains affiliate links to throw the perfect birthday tea party. That means I receive a tiny portion of any sales made at no cost to you! My daughters birthdays are only 4 days apart, and this year started their combined birthday party tradition! Per Ginny’s request, we had [...] Read More....

March 3, 2018 By Lindsay | 1 Comments

Thank you to my sister, Lauren, for writing this guest post sharing about her weight loss and healthy venture – feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions for her. These photos and this post are extremely hard for me to share, but I’m doing it [...] Read More....

February 20, 2018 By Lindsay | 1 Comments

Snow days have a whole new meaning as an adult – as a kid, there was nothing better – snow days meant sledding, snowmen, hot cocoa, and time with friends. When I was a teacher, I’d think, SCORE! A free day for planning, grading, or Netflix binging. But now, Snow [...] Read More....

February 9, 2018 By Lindsay | 8 Comments