6 cheap shower hacks to turn your bathroom into a spa


We all have active lives, always surrounded by people and responsibilities. Whether you’re a student, teacher, business woman, mom, doctor, admin, nurse or anything in between, we all have one thing in common – we’re busy.

And busy doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but by the end of the day, I bet we’re all eager to wind down and relax, am I right?

Sometimes the only time I’m alone – no adorable kiddos attached to me, no client meetings, no phone calls – is, in fact, when I’m in the shower, so to me, that time is pretty priceless. Anyone with me on that?

I’m sharing my favorite tips on turning any ordinary shower into a spa-like oasis so that even a few moments of solitude can feel like the total refresh you need (and deserve!).

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16 Must-have coffee table books

As a lover of books, it’s no surprise that my recent fixation with home decor is coffee table books. What better way to add height, levels of interest in coffee table and book shelf styling, beauty, education, and interest than with a good coffee table book? Answer: there is no better way.

A good stack of books is instant art but even better because this art gives you hours of enjoyment, endless talking points, and entertaining conversation. My infatuation with these books began as a girl, pooling over my parents’ Erte art books; looking at them now, I still feel the rush of fascination and nostalgia with each colorful, exotic page.

My book picks have something for everyone – the traveler, hostess, floral enthusiast, bakers or lovers of cake, the fashionistas, fun-fact wizards, home decor aficionado, lovers of art, elegance, people, the world, and everything in between. {Just click the images or text below to learn more.}


Solicitors, protecting yourself, and the law

The door knocks.

You weren’t expecting anyone, but a few things can happen.

  1. You simply ignore it, not knowing if it was a visitor you needed to take.
  2. You answer, only to be bothered by someone selling you cheaper energy, pest control, books, makeup, insurance, etc. You wait and listen to be polite or say you’re not interested, only to be answered with persistence pushiness, or a knock at your door later that evening.
  3. You do or don’t answer, and the ‘solicitor’ is really just casing your home, learning your schedule, and seeing if you’re a good target.

Either way, solicitors generally mark an uncomfortable, annoying, or even dangerous moment in your day.

In my neighborhood lately, we’ve had the same pest control company making its way through our community, leaving many moms at a minimum, annoyed, and at most, downright scared. That’s why I wanted to  put together some information about solicitors, your rights, and what to do when you’re called upon.

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