Feminine baby girl nursery decor

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After sharing my daughter’s bedroom recently, I had a lot of feedback that my readers want to see more of my home – you ask, I deliver! I’m excited to share my nursery with you all.

How to start designing a room

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to start decorating a room, here’s what you should do:

  1. Start a Pinterest board for inspiration. Narrow down your favorite aesthetic, considering colors, textures, and specific elements you want for the room.
  2. Choose one element to start with to build the room around. This could be an area rug, paint color, or piece of furniture.
  3. You can online shop so you can “see” all of your products together and shop at once or get pieces one-by-one as you find them in stores.

When designing the nursery, I already had the crib and knew I had to choose wallpaper for an accent wall to start – I’m kind of a wallpaper fanatic…and area rugs…and throw pillows.

Girls’ bedroom tour

During my third pregnancy, my husband and I spent a lot of time switching most of the major rooms in our home to accommodate our growing family. Our family room moved to the basement, the master bedroom moved to the first floor to replace the family room, Ginny moved into our old room, and luckily the nursery stayed the same. Thank goodness for having three little girls so our nursery decor didn’t have to change because all of the other changes took quite a lot of planning and time.

While I’ll never consider any of our rooms finished, I’m excited to share the progress of our oldest daughter’s new room – her “big girl room” will eventually be shared with our middle daughter and has everything I love in a room: pink, area rugs, a variety of patterns, wallpaper, and some whimsical details.

This is a space that we all spend a lot of time in now, that I feel happy with, and will probably continue to update until it’s *just* right.

Easy DIY no sew upholstered bench

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When you’ve been searching for a DIY bench for your window seat, piano, or chair cushions, most likely all the “easy” projects weren’t so easy – at least for your level. So if you’re looking for a truly EASY DIY no sew upholstered bench tutorial, look no further.

I can attest to its simplicity and results because I don’t have many crafty or handy bones in my body yet have high standards. This projects fits my skill and taste level.

Now that we have this adorable cushion on our window seat, I don’t know how we ever lived without one. It’s used daily and is truly one of the most comfy seats in our house. My kids climb on it, I read on it, and it provides really comfy extra seating when we have guests or parties. The hardest part will be choosing your fabric and choosing accessories, so if you’re up for the challenge, read on.

Don’t forget to stock up on coffee table books – they make the perfect accessories! Shop my favorite ways to style your bench below.