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Thank you to my husband, Justin, for writing this guest post.

We were driving home from a holiday brunch when my wife shouted out something along the lines of “oh my God that’s perfect!”

Did we discover a hidden amount of money that was going to make our lives so much easier?  No.  Did I come up with a brilliant solution to one of life’s great mysteries?  Not even close.  Did I just unveil a secret gift that I had been waiting for the perfect moment to give her and this was that moment!?!?  I wish.  No, what we discovered was something pretty unremarkable (although my wife might tell you differently).  What we happened across on that day was simply a plain white brick wall.

That’s right.

Just a plain.




What It’s Like Being an Instagram Husband

As our daughter patiently waited in her seat in the back of my car, my wife fervently ripped her coat off so that the bright wall behind her could perfectly offset her wonderfully dainty brunch outfit while I stuck my iPhone out of the driver side window hoping this drive by photo shoot could quickly produce and internet worthy photo when I realized something:

I am an Instagram Husband.

It's Simply Lindsay

It’s ok. Enough time has passed since that day that the shock of this realization has worn off, and I am ready to tell the men of the world how to identify yourself as and Instagram Husband.

Have you ever walked in on your wife sitting in bed, cross legged trying to take that elusive perfect t-shirt selfie? You might be an Instagram Husband.

It's Simply Lindsay tshirt

Have you ever watched your wife go through her typical getting ready routine on a lazy Saturday just to drag you outside to take a picture of her in front of the tree in the back yard?  Oh, and it’s a blizzard out, but the snow looks perfect the way it lands on her knit cap and you need to make sure not to get the snow tracks in the picture as well?  You might be an Instagram Husband.

It's Simply Lindsay snow

Have you come home after your wife has already gotten out of her clothes from the day and into her PJs and had to review her latest Instagram post to see how cute she was that day?  If so, you might be an Instagram Husband.

It's Simply Lindsay

If you have been so conditioned that you instinctually raise your arm to take a downward angled photo, no matter what the occasion, you might be an Instagram Husband.

It's Simply Lindsay Instagram

Are you an expert in shoe photos?  Seriously, I’ve never seen so many pictures of someone wearing their shoes in my life!  Well, my friend, you are an Instagram Husband.

Shoes It's Simply Lindsay

Do you find yourself noticing things, strange things, things that you would have never paid any attention to before, but now you point them out to your wife and follow with “that would be a good Instagram picture”?  Then you definitely ARE an Instagram Husband.

It's Simply Lindsay picture

Did you buy a selfie stick in the hopes that it’d get you off the hook?  Does your wife not use it?  You might be an Instagram Husband. (See Lindsay looking at the selfie stick box…mocking me.)

It's SimplyLindsay

Have you taken so many pictures for your wife that you foolishly think that after only taking one or two photos that you’ve “nailed” her Instagram Picture for the day?  You are an Instagram Husband.

Instagram It's Simply Lindsay

If you have come up with your own terms like IGP, #IGP or InstaPic instead of saying “Instagram Picture.”  You guessed it.  You’re an InstaHusband.  See what I did there?

These are just a few of the ways that I was able to identify myself as an Instagram Husband.  If you find yourself in this same situation I recommend the following.  Stop.  Take a deep breath.  And take the damn picture.  Otherwise you’ll be there forever.

In what ways did you find out or did your husband find out that they were an Instagram Husband? Share this with your guys; I want to hear I’m not alone in this.

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  • Sarah Koves

    I am laughing through this whole list because my poor husband is an Instagram Husband. However, I have now started a place for him to write too, so he is getting better at taking pictures of things.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I’m so glad you (and your husband) can relate! Does he also write for your blog or his own? Have him come on and sympathize with Justin : )

      • Sarah Koves

        We just started a family blog for the five of us. My teacher blog was getting to family!

        • Lindsay Katherine

          Oh very cool! What’s the link?

  • Hahaha, how cute! At least he’s accepting of it and still willing to take photos!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Very true 🙂 He’s a trooper.

  • adriana nudo

    LOL!! I love this!! What a great post idea, this is adorable! Instagram hubbies deserve a lot of credit! And I must say, yours is doing an amazing job!! : )

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I’m glad this gave you some laughs today : ) Thanks for the compliment to Justin, I will pass it along.

  • Michelle Mink

    you seem very patient it would drive me crazy to do that. i hope i am not a instagram wife someday

    • Lindsay Katherine

      haha he is a very patient, good man ; )

  • LMAO, I couldn’t stop laughing as I read the post – true, true and oh-so-totally-true, hahahaha! I have got to show this post to my husband, and the last sentence totally got me “and take that damn picture. Otherwise you’ll be there forever.” – your husband is way too smart and I am so thankful that us wives have such patient and understanding sweethearts in our lives 🙂
    xx, Kusum |

    • Lindsay Katherine

      So you have an Instagram husband too?? We are very lucky, I totally agree. I’m glad you related and laughed with me on this post ; )

  • Hahahahah! Oh my gosh. This is so funny.
    My husband knows the struggles all too well, also.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Instagram husbands unite! ha there should be a support group for them. They are wonderful people.

  • Soooo true!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      It is!

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    Haha, this is so funny! My husband could totally relate to this. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Instagram husbands are lovely, patient people.

  • Very funny! I only share dog photos on Instagram, so my husband is off the hook.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Oh your lucky husband : )

  • This made me laugh so hard. My husband is such a good sport about it. He was joking with me not too long ago. We were at dinner and and the moment the waiter brought us our food, I started to dig in and he immediately interrupted me and was like “Wait! You didn’t take an Instagram photo of it yet!”. I died laughing, took the photo, and we moved on haha I also had one time where I was taking my outfit of the day photo on our way to the car and after taking a couple, I hopped in and started looking through them. We got about halfway down our road when I determined I hated them all. He proceeded to pull over so that I could get out and re-take it :p I don’t know what I’d do without him haha

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Oh my gosh your stories are too funny!! So you both can definitely relate to this post, I can tell. Your husband sounds like a GREAT sport and awesome IG husband.

      • Haha he’s my biggest supporter. But he refuses to call himself an Instagram husband.

  • My husband has such a natural eye for photography that it is a blessing and a curse for him 😉 Once he has gotten a few perks out of it, it has helped ease him into doing it without much grumblings but in the beginning it was straight pulling teeth!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Does he take your blog photos as well? Your pictures are always stunning (compliments to the photographer and the subject). I’m glad he accepted his role and is past the grumbling stage.

  • Greta Hollar

    I feel like there needs to be an IG husband support group! My husband has walked in on all of these things and more. Hang in there IG husband, it’s so worth it!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Right?? I think IG husbands need to unite. They could relate for support but also offer tips because, come on, ultimately we all just want better pics : )

  • My husband is probably glad that I don’t do instagram.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      haah it’s probably for the best for now : ) Does he take any of your blog pics?

  • This is really cute! What a good sport!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      ha thanks : ) He’s the best.

  • Paige Allison

    Hahaha! Kirk’s definitely an IG hubby. I trained him how to take fashion photos and he knows not to eat food until I’ve taken a pic and also to hold the dogs out of the way when I’m photographing the babies. Thanks sweet hubbies, without you we wouldn’t have good IG accounts! 🙂

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Oh sweet Kirk, well done my friend. Justin is often taking the pictures one handed while holding Ginny (otherwise she would take off in an instant outside – she’s quite the explorer).

  • Shann Eva

    Ha ha! This is hilarious! And so true! Although, I do not make my husband take too many pictures yet, he is slowly becoming an IG Husband 😉

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I have to make him take too many pictures because I’m not photogenic! I have no choice : ) I’m glad your husband is on that track though.

  • Hahaha oh my gosh. These are so great! Now I know the secret to all your great photos…a (relatively) cooperative husband! My hubby takes approximately one photo and clocks out. I’ll have to share this with him 😉

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Well you are so lucky to be so photogenic!! It takes me lotsssssss of picture to get a decent one. People always talk about learning your angles and good sides, but I have no such thing lol.

  • This made me laugh! I love that he wrote this for you. So sweet.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      He’s a trooper (and a great writer!).

  • Sarah Emily

    literally ALL the YASS-es to you and your hubby! I had my fiance read this and the whole time he was like “Yes. yes, that’s what I do” haha! It took a lot of puppy dog eyes to get my fiance on board but now he looks out for good backgrounds and doesn’t touch his food until it is photographed!

  • Aww this is too adorable!
    My fiance is totally my IG fiance haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I’m sure your IG fiance can relate then ; ) Thanks for reading, Jenny. When are you getting married??

  • Belle Vie A Deux

    Hahahaha! This is so funny! My husband is going to die when he reads this.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I am sure guys will read this and be like, oh my gosh yessssss. lol

  • Lauren Jane

    I love this! I keep tyring to train my husband to be an Instagram husband, but he’s slow to learn!! I should show him how others just go with the flow 😉

    • Lindsay Katherine

      You should definitely share this post with your hubby and see that he should just accept it and be an IG husband haha.

  • Kate Walton

    Hahahaha! I absolutely abhor being in front of the camera— unless my hubs or kids are with me- so mine does not know what it’s like but this is hysterical!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I also abhor being in front of the camera and it has not gotten easier for me. If you saw our behind the scenes, it would not be pretty hahah

  • HAHAHAH omg, Lindsay this is hilarious! Your husband sounds like such a trooper when it comes to taking your blog pictures! Cory grudgingly does it, but complains if I don’t like the first 2 he took! AND he wrote a post for your blog?!? He’s definitely a keeper! (:

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Well you are blessed to be photogenic; I am not, so Justin has to have patience. Or at least fake patience reallllly well.

  • chelsea damon

    haha what a good hubby! Not only being an instagram husband but also guest posting! I’ve been asking my husband to guest post for a while…. I’ll keep asking 🙂

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I know, he is a champ! And he’s a great writer, too, don’t you think? 🙂

  • Heehee. You sound like a great sport!!! 🙂

    • Lindsay Katherine

      He sure is!!!

  • This is hilarious and I’m sure my husband can totally relate!

    All the Best,
    Allison |

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I’m glad you enjoyed this, Allison – these men are so wonderful : )

  • hahah this was an awesome post!! I’m quickly turning my boyfriend into an instagram boyfriend! I’m going to have him read this post!!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Yayyyy, hope your boyfriend sees that it’s best to just buy into this : )

  • LOVE this! It was hilarious, and so damn true!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      haha thanks! It is sooooo true.

  • I am dying of laughter. The best part is the very beginning “OH MY GOD!” ” Just. A . Plain. Brick Wall.” Justin has such a great writing style! And what a great sport. He’s way better at being an Instagram husband that Trevor is. He gets mad too fast. lol

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I’m glad you found humor in this. Man, I can’t TELL YOU how pumped I was to find that wall, and it’s only a block away from my house at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Bonus. Maybe Justin needs to talk to Trevor : )

  • HAHAHAHAHA I’M DYING. Your man and mine should be friends. They’d undoubtedly get along swimmingly!!! I might need to make my fiance write about what it’s like being my photog now, too!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Hahaha oh Erica, I’m so glad you and your fiance can relate! Let’s get the guys together – they’ll be best buds : ) You should totally get him to write a post for you!

  • Interesting post!!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks for reading!

  • Justin Copeland

    I #IGP all day!