11 ways to make fine hair look thicker

This post was sponsored on behalf of NIOXIN. All opinions stated are my own.

I have what I like to call naturally sad hair. What is this naturally sad hair, you ask? Oh, you know, it’s fine and limp. When left to air dry, looks like a scraggly, droopy mop – since my hair is naturally fine, I’ve always wanted a great product or styling solution but didn’t really know where to start. Recently, I’ve put all of my effort into establishing my skincare routines, but I’m thrilled to FINALLY have a hair care routine.

No longer do I have to accept my naturally sad hair that thinned out a bit since having my daughter. I’ve found a product line to not only mask my droopy hair problem, but to actually give it the life and body it needs. I took NIOXIN’s 30 day challenge for thicker, fuller hair and have loved the results. This challenge also prompted me to figure out how to actually style my hair so it’s full and easy to work with.

Hoping these tips will help your limp locks and that you’ll share your thin hair stories with me! We are not alone!

11 Ways to Make Fine Hair Thicker

1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner: When you have fine or thinning hair, all of the products you use are essential to thickening your hair and giving it volume without weighing it down. For me, NIOXIN has been a life-saver. Not only do I love the minty fresh tingling sensation of their shampoo and conditioner, but my hair loves its special formula that makes it feel thicker and easier to style.

How to make fine hair thicker

2. Don’t wash every day: Washing your hair every day is not only unnecessary but can actually be damaging to your hair, stripping it of its natural oils and proteins. However, the frequency of washing your hair completely depends on you – your lifestyle, hair texture, and type. If you workout hard everyday, yes, you’re going to want to wash your hair. If you have fine hair that tends to get greasy, you might want to try washing every other day, because the oil will weigh your hair down. I generally wash every two days, how about you?

3. Post-shower scalp treatment: I have been using NIOXIN’s post-shower scalp treatment that comes in the kit with the shampoo and conditioner. The after-shower treatment gets to the ‘root’ of a fine girl’s problem, nourishing hair at the scalp. Healthy hair starts with a healthy head, after all!


4. Body building mousse: I have been living by NIOXIN’s mousse these days. When my hair is damp, I put about a golf ball-sized amount all over my hair, from roots to ends before blow drying. For all you fine-haired gals out there, this step it essential – it gives each strand the oomph it needs to appear and feel thicker.

How to make fine hair thicker

5. Root lifter for extra va va voom: For additional volume, I just discovered how to actually use a root lifter. I’ve had this product for a while but never really used it effectively. On my damp, moussed hair prior to blow drying, I separate my hair in sections and give my roots a little blast with the product, then blow dry with a round brush or with my head upside down. Do this in each section of your hair so all of your roots are lifted.

6. Blow dryer with nozzle: Why have I been living in the dark ages of blow dryers? I finally bought a new dryer that has a nozzle attachment, and this is truly a MUST for everyone. First, get a dryer with multiple settings so you can control the heat – even a simple hot, warm, cold is sufficient. To protect your hair, use the warm setting, not hot.

How to make fine hair thicker

Then, if you want your hair to look oh-so-fabulous (and I know we all do), you MUST use the the nozzle concentrator attachment. This little attachment makes all the difference in your finishing, as it allows the air to be concentrated for a faster dry job that also eliminates frizzies for a more polished finish.

7. Learn how to blow dry: I never used to blow dry my hair. I always thought I could sleep on my wet hair and put it in Pinterest buns or braids and wake up with effortlessly cool beach waves. Ummm, wrong. Every time I wake up with a kinky, unmanageable nest that takes way more time to deal with than blow drying in the first place.

After putting on the appropriate products and a heat protectant to damp hair, separate your hair into two sections, clipping up the top. You’ll start at the bottom. Use a round brush for more volume, and just work section by section until the bottom is dry. Then section off another layer of hair, and continue this way until the top layer. For the top layer, since I never really know where I’ll part my hair, I put the brush under a section of hair and dry in an upwards motion, which also creates more body. Of course, use the nozzle concentrator attachment when drying your hair straight.

8. Tease for more body and hold: If you blow dry your hair as directed above, your hair will be good to go! But if you’re looking for more body and hold, teasing is the way to go. Separate your hair back into those sections you did for blow drying, and take 1-2 inch sections to back comb with a fine-toothed comb. Be sure to tease correctly, by pushing the hair in one direction – downward – not up and down.

How to make thin hair thicker

After the bottom layer, work your way up until the top layer of hair, and at each layer, separate your tease a bit so it all flows together. When you get to the top, part your hair where you’ll want it styled in the end.

How to make thin hair thicker

Then gently brush down the bottom layers to your desired height and body, and finish by lightly brushing the top layer to conceal the tease underneath. Depending on your hair, you may also wish to quickly run a flat iron over that top layer for smoothness. You can see that I tame my tease down quite a bit, but I love having the tease in my hair from the base because it makes it so much easier to style.

How to make thin hair thicker

9. Volumizing hair spray: Are you catching on to the trend that your products matter when it comes to fine hair? Choose a volumizing hair spray that will provide hold without weighing your hair down. You can lightly mist your sections as you tease, or if you skip the tease, flip your hair upside down, spritz the spray, and flip your head back up.


10. Silk pillow case: By sleeping on a silk pillow case, not only will you feel extremely pampered, but you will protect your hair and skin. Silk allows your hair and fragile skin on your face, such as around your eyes, to slip and slide across the pillow instead of pull and tear.

11. Night density rescue treatment: When it’s time to hit the sheets, don’t forget to put on your NIOXIN Night Density Rescue Treatment. I keep the bottle in my nightstand so it’s all ready to go.This treatment is clinically proven to boost hair density by its powerful antioxidants nourishing your scalp – all you do is use the dropper and apply it directly to your scalp, rub it in, enjoy the scent, and go to sleep. 


Lasting thoughts and challenge

Are you ready to take the NIOXIN 30 day challenge? Check out their online consulatation tool to find the perfect system for you, and connect with others by sharing your story and experience using #NIOXINChallenge. NIOXIN guarantees thicker and fuller hair after the challenge, so you have nothing to lose!

Have you always have fine or limp hair? Did you experience hair loss and thinning from child birth? Let me hear your stories and hair routines by commenting below.