Hi, it’s me, Lindsay,

bringing you It’s Simply Lindsay as a source of inspiration and information from what I know best. From cleaning and designing your home, keeping your marriage fun, and having a happy pregnancy to the importance of social etiquette, hosting a fabulous party, and frugal fashion finds, I hope to connect with and inspire you in some way.

Those who are close to me often say “That’s so Lindsay” when it comes to fashion and design. To my best friend (my sister) and my mom who perfectly match even their shades of blacks, which match their designer shoes, which flawlessly matches their planned accessories for an impeccably coordinated look, the Lindsay-factor of mixing a leopard print scarf with a plaid shirt scares them. Or how I love mixing colors and prints for pops of interest in my house. But to me, these are the things that make me smile. I appreciate polished sophistication as well as playful whimsy.

I am extremely close with my family and just started one of my own with my husband, Justin. My sweet little Ginny, named after my grandma and great grandma, has already taught me how far a person’s heart is capable of being filled more than you could ever imagine.

I love manners, kindness, getting dolled up, lounging in comfy sweats, forgiveness, breakfast foods, cleaning, and learning. I have never had a brain freeze, have travelled to four continents, lived in Hawaii, Paris, and London for a month, and am an English teacher. I have an obsession with decorative pillows, candles, tinted chap sticks and believe the lost art of handwritten notes needs to be revived.

So that’s me- it’s simply,