It’s my 30th birthday, and I wanted to share 30 facts about me, but with a twist. The 30 facts were created by my family and friends, the people who know me best and who have made me the person I am today.

I’m in disbelief that I’ve lived 30 years – not in a bad way, but what the heck have I been doing for 3 decades and how do I still remember childhood events like they were yesterday?! I always had a picture of “grown ups” in my head and never in a million years would have believed this is 30 – I’m not serious, tall, or adult-ish like I imagined. But here we are, this is 30, and I love it. I actually have some exciting changes coming I’ll share soon.

Thank you to you all who shared your facts, stories, and memories with me – this post will be such a treasure for me to reflect on. I thought it would be more of a compilation of ridiculous or embarrassing things about me, but there are some really touching memories and sentiments.

30 Facts About Me

“When you were 1 1/2, you would climb out of your crib, sneak into our bedroom, never saying a word, and lay next to me, cuddling–all the time knowing when mom found you, it was back to the crib.” Dad

“Lindsay has always been a kind child. She began her journey of kindness by having an older sister who pushed her around a bit……took her Teddy Ruxpin…….and cut off her long, curly hair and she didn’t get mad or even. She continued her mission by being the best friend her friends could ask for. She was always there for them and put up with a lot more than others could have. She was the adolescent who helped the elderly, said hello to janitors and maids and passed her kindness along to those who sometimes went unnoticed.” Mom

“You were the kindest soccer player ever–helping up opponents when your sister knocked them down.” Dad

“You make childbirth look like its the easiest thing ever.” Justin

“You were in the biggest gymnastics meet of the year and were awesome on the floor routine. The music started and you just stood there. And stood there. And stood there. Career ended. Mom got to you with the threat of being taken by your Bulgarian coach and whisked off to Bulgaria to be raised by large Bulgarian women and never seeing us again.” Dad

“You can quote Full House, The Lion King and old SNL skits with no problem.” Lauren

“Lindsay has sung at professional sports games (Cubs, Sox, Chicago Fire).” Brian

“We once ate two pizzas in one night… after eating dinner.” Katie

“As a young adult in her college years, she showed compassion to the homeless by raiding my closets and passing out warm clothing and coats and food to the homeless on her way to class in the city. She incorporated “Random Acts of Kindness” into her high school English classes and instills this concept to her students daily.” Mom

“Even though our friendship has changed a lot in the past few years, i.e. nights out at Chucks until 2 am and exotic Mexican vacations to sweat pants nursing sessions on your couch with our sweet babes, I’ve loved it all. You’re the best sushi date a girl could ask for and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.” Patti

“My teachers always taught me it is impossible to lick your elbow but you can.” Jimmy

“Lindsay is a mother to two beautiful daughters; and the proof of her love toward them is in watching her two-year old speak to her two-month old sister. Ginny imitates her mom by speaking to her baby sister in kind tones, sweetness and love…..even when the baby is crying.” Mom

“Lindsay knows how to throw a themed party and goes all out.” Stephanie

“Two things that have always stood out about you are how kind and mannered you are. Even when it made someone “cool” to be catty in jr high, you never participated…

…and don’t even get me started on your manners- still to this day my mother reminds me of how “well mannered and polite Lindsay is!” You are preserved in her memory that way forever!” Niki

“You get mad when you’re hungry and can’t figure out what you want to eat.” Lauren

“You have a really weird condition called hypnogogic hallucinations – it’s crazyyyyy.” Justin

“You were always a crazy sleeper, since you were a baby, and you still are. I’d put you to sleep and check on you – you’d have your head at the foot of the bed, then your feet hanging off the edge, then you’d be talking or singing to yourself. When you were born, I held you and said, ‘this is a kind child,’ and my senses were right.” Gram 

“Strangely and strongly afraid of death.”

“A total cleaning freak – cant sleep with a dirty dish in sink.”

“The only other person who can appreciate a good taco like me is you.” Justin

“No one gets more packages than you.” Justin

“No one finds better deals at TJ Maxx than you.” Katie

“Linds can catch a football between her legs…a weird but true talent.” Brian

“Lindsay has always been extra attentive to her grandparents, my parents. She visits multiple times per week, has slept over too many times to mention and considers herself lucky to have them in her life. She has had them to her house and gone to their house once or twice a week for dinner for years and years. Now that they are ailing, she is one of the few who continues to be at their sides.” Mom

“You have a condition called misophonia.” Jimmy

“Linds has to shower at night, sleeps with her baby blanket and teddy bear, and has to be covered in millions of blankets, even if she’s hot.”

“You have a masters degree that you funded yourself (and 4.0 GPA).” Katie

“You make the best frosting.” Justin

“Your best has yet to come.” Justin