It’s my birthday, so in order to celebrate I thought I’d share 31 facts for my 31 years. Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

1. I can lick my elbow, which is supposed to be impossible.

2. I have insomnia and hypnagogic hallucinations every night. (Want me to do a blog post explaining what that is? Let me know.)

3. I never wanted to be pregnant before having kids; my sister (and best friend, clearly) always said she would be my surrogate. Turns out I have the worst pregnancies but love being pregnant.

4. I can be weirdly hyper sensitive about certain noises or textures- I detest the feeling of cardboard or matte paint.

5. I choose to deny that dinosaurs existed.

6. When I was younger, I used to claim I could see air molecules…I still think I can.

7. I still sleep with my baby bear, Huggie. My mom stocked up on a few of them because I loved him so much, so now each of my girls has her own.


Happy birthday to me: 31 fun facts for 31 years

8. I used to be really sensitive about my stuffed animals’ feelings regarding their placement on my bed, how they’d feel when I went out of town, etc. And by used to I mean I still have this with my daughters’ stuffed animals.

9. I used to sing, play the cello, and still play the piano.

10. I love the idea of spicy food, but I can’t really tolerate it. I always try though.

11. I actually don’t believe anyone who says they like wine likes wine. I won’t waver on this.

12. I’ve always had an extremely soft spot for the elderly; now I spend 6-8 hours a week volunteering at a local memory care facility.

13. I got a 4.0 in my Masters program and always aspired to get my Ph.D. Not sure how I still feel about that, but it’s on my mind.

14. I have never watched a football game.

15. I didn’t change my last name after marriage (duh, everyone knows that).

16. I had a flip phone until 2015 when I was forced into getting a smart phone because they didn’t carry them in store; to order one would have been $300.

17. It drives me absolutely nuts when people open champagne incorrectly; seriously, why would you ever shoot the cork out?!?! It’s barbaric.

18. I can’t stand when toilet paper is facing the wrong direction, and I will change it when it’s wrong. (Obviously the correct way is with the paper going over.)

19. I will be a published author someday; I have written a children’s book and am working on a novel. I’ve worked on novels in the past and always gave up, so I’m determined to keep at this hobby.

20. I have an obsession with area rugs and throw pillows.

21. My first job, I made $5.15 an hour working on boat docks in Lake Geneva. It was the best job ever. On the first day, I not only had to drive a huge truck before I had my driver’s license, but I had to drive to another lake and drive and park boats, three things I had never done before.

22. In 5th grade, I made my teacher a cassette on my Talk Girl of me singing various songs; I recorded it when I was home sick one day in the bath because everyone knows the acoustics are great in there! I really wonder what she thought when she got it…lots of Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, music from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Whitney Houston – oh, and one original song, of course.

23. Pet peeves: chewing loudly or with your mouth open; the word coupon; the phrase “it’s been a hot minute;” the phrase “I did a thing;” clutter; the sound of ice jingling.

24. I’ve traveled all around the world, thanks to my parents.

25. I really enjoy working.

26. My mom and grandma say I think too much; it’s a blessing and a curse and something I can’t turn off.

27. I see no problem with wearing mismatched socks; I’m not trying to make a statement, but I have a whole drawer dedicated to loner socks that I’m waiting to find mates for. Sometimes it’s just easier to grab mismatched socks from there – it drives my mom nuts.

28. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut, waitress, and a tightrope walker.

29. I cannot drink regular coffee; the caffeine makes me extremely sick, so I never understand when everyone talks about needing their coffee throughout the day – to me, that’s just a recipe for the worst day ever.

30. I love flowers and greenery and normally have fresh flowers in my home at all times, but I get sad for them when they die.

31. I sang The National Anthem at Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, and several times at Soldier Field – I really love that for the last 17 years, my dad finds a way to bring this up to strangers and request me to sing.

Now I’d love for you to comment with 1. how I know you 2. how long I’ve known you and 3. share some fun facts about YOU!