It’s my birthday, so in order to celebrate I thought I’d share 31 facts for my 31 years. Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

1. I can lick my elbow, which is supposed to be impossible.

2. I have insomnia and hypnagogic hallucinations every night. (Want me to do a blog post explaining what that is? Let me know.)

3. I never wanted to be pregnant before having kids; my sister (and best friend, clearly) always said she would be my surrogate. Turns out I have the worst pregnancies but love being pregnant.

4. I can be weirdly hyper sensitive about certain noises or textures- I detest the feeling of cardboard or matte paint.

5. I choose to deny that dinosaurs existed.

6. When I was younger, I used to claim I could see air molecules…I still think I can.

7. I still sleep with my baby bear, Huggie. My mom stocked up on a few of them because I loved him so much, so now each of my girls has her own.


Happy birthday to me: 31 fun facts for 31 years

8. I used to be really sensitive about my stuffed animals’ feelings regarding their placement on my bed, how they’d feel when I went out of town, etc. And by used to I mean I still have this with my daughters’ stuffed animals.

9. I used to sing, play the cello, and still play the piano.

10. I love the idea of spicy food, but I can’t really tolerate it. I always try though.

11. I actually don’t believe anyone who says they like wine likes wine. I won’t waver on this.

12. I’ve always had an extremely soft spot for the elderly; now I spend 6-8 hours a week volunteering at a local memory care facility.

13. I got a 4.0 in my Masters program and always aspired to get my Ph.D. Not sure how I still feel about that, but it’s on my mind.

14. I have never watched a football game.

15. I didn’t change my last name after marriage (duh, everyone knows that).

16. I had a flip phone until 2015 when I was forced into getting a smart phone because they didn’t carry them in store; to order one would have been $300.

17. It drives me absolutely nuts when people open champagne incorrectly; seriously, why would you ever shoot the cork out?!?! It’s barbaric.

18. I can’t stand when toilet paper is facing the wrong direction, and I will change it when it’s wrong. (Obviously the correct way is with the paper going over.)

19. I will be a published author someday; I have written a children’s book and am working on a novel. I’ve worked on novels in the past and always gave up, so I’m determined to keep at this hobby.

20. I have an obsession with area rugs and throw pillows.

21. My first job, I made $5.15 an hour working on boat docks in Lake Geneva. It was the best job ever. On the first day, I not only had to drive a huge truck before I had my driver’s license, but I had to drive to another lake and drive and park boats, three things I had never done before.

22. In 5th grade, I made my teacher a cassette on my Talk Girl of me singing various songs; I recorded it when I was home sick one day in the bath because everyone knows the acoustics are great in there! I really wonder what she thought when she got it…lots of Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, music from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Whitney Houston – oh, and one original song, of course.

23. Pet peeves: chewing loudly or with your mouth open; the word coupon; the phrase “it’s been a hot minute;” the phrase “I did a thing;” clutter; the sound of ice jingling.

24. I’ve traveled all around the world, thanks to my parents.

25. I really enjoy working.

26. My mom and grandma say I think too much; it’s a blessing and a curse and something I can’t turn off.

27. I see no problem with wearing mismatched socks; I’m not trying to make a statement, but I have a whole drawer dedicated to loner socks that I’m waiting to find mates for. Sometimes it’s just easier to grab mismatched socks from there – it drives my mom nuts.

28. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut, waitress, and a tightrope walker.

29. I cannot drink regular coffee; the caffeine makes me extremely sick, so I never understand when everyone talks about needing their coffee throughout the day – to me, that’s just a recipe for the worst day ever.

30. I love flowers and greenery and normally have fresh flowers in my home at all times, but I get sad for them when they die.

31. I sang The National Anthem at Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, and several times at Soldier Field – I really love that for the last 17 years, my dad finds a way to bring this up to strangers and request me to sing.

Now I’d love for you to comment with 1. how I know you 2. how long I’ve known you and 3. share some fun facts about YOU!

  • Patricia Hickey Rosasco

    I laughed out loud at your list, got a little weepy and still want to know why you wear mismatched socks? You have known me for 31 years and 9 months – the longest you’ve known or touched anyone!

    You also hate when someone eats chips or popcorn due to the crunching sound. What?

    You cannot tolerate the feeling of washing a pizza stone.

    You don’t like to touch raw meat and don’t want to be asked to make a salad.

    I want you to contact your 5th grade teacher and see if she remembers and has the tape. I need to hear it!!

    You are correct on the toilet paper roll, and Lauren and Gram have it wrong.

    I still want my chocolate phone!

    Happy, birthday 31 times!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Aww what a sweet comment!! Thanks, mamacita. I know, I miss our chocolate phones!!! I would totally go back to it.

  • Sarita Shanbhag Kamat

    I knew the moment we met that we would be friends for life. I have to thank Nat for getting us together. We have known each other for 51 weeks but feels like we’ve know each other forever. Happy Birthday my friend. Lots of love and hugs to you. You and the girls are very PRECIOUS just like my family

    • Lindsay Katherine

      You are the sweetest, Sarita!! We clicked right away, and you’re a part of my family : ) Thank you for the beautiful, thoughtful birthday gifts.

  • Maggie Malson

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!! Fun getting to know you better! No. 26-that’s me too. We’ve been SoMe friends (met on IG) for a couple years now. I started following your simplystyled posts, but stayed because I enjoy your writing, your thoughtfulness, insightful posts, and of course, adorable kiddos! It’s fun to get to know people that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet IRL.

  • Ok. I need to know what hypnagogic hallucinations are.

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday. You looked beautiful in your IG stories!

  • Paige Allison


    Also, your views on wine are my views on people who slow sip hard liquor. Like, ewwww that stuff is gross (and actually toxic…)! Despite this, I’m totally with you on the textures thing. The feeling of velvet or velour will actually make me shudder at best, and gag/dry heave at worst. I can’t stand those feelings and can’t sit on velour couches!

  • Anne Thompson

    I love that you volunteer at the elderly memory center! You are seriously the kindest person I know, Lindsay! That’s so funny about the textures! I have the same thing with the sound of velcro. EEKS! Makes my teeth hurt!

  • Tiffany

    I’m totally with you on the TP. Drives me crazy.
    But I have to disagree with the wine; it’s the only alcohol I drink (aside from the occasional margarita). I don’t like hard liquor at all and beer makes me bloated.
    I love your heart for the elderly Lindsay. You have such a kind soul.