When you’re pregnant, it can be a struggle to add new clothes to your closet – your body is changing, you don’t feel like trying clothes on, and you definitely don’t want your clothes to feel snug or uncomfortable – so where does that leave you? Wearing shapeless garments that make you feel like a potato sack?

No, no, no! Maternity clothing has come a long way; no longer do you have to sacrifice comfort and fit for style, and in fact, many maternity clothes can even be worn when you’re not pregnant. I love when people ask, “Is that outfit maternity?” because to me, that says I’m doing something right with my wardrobe. Not all of my clothes come from maternity stores, and many of my maternity outfits are some of my favorites that can be worn after the baby comes without screaming I’M MATERNITY!


The Best Maternity Clothing Stores

I’ll share my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes, and follow me on Instagram to see my daily looks.


Asos is one my favorite places to shop online for maternity wear. The website is extremely user-friendly; you can sort by product type, color, price point, and more, and their fit is incredible. I always get nervous buying online, but their size guide is spot on. I buy pants, shirts, and dresses and have never had to return an item – but good news – if you do need a return, it’s completely free. Their maternity-wear does not look maternity; you can wear them comfortably without a bump yet they stretch to fit you as you grow.



Pink Blush

Pink Blush is another online go-to where the garments always fit perfectly and make me feel pretty when I otherwise feel frumpy. I shop here for maternity and non-maternity and have bought dresses, tops, accessories, and robes from here so far. My Pink Blush dresses are usually my date night choices, and the robes are so pretty that you’ll want them all! I have two so far.


Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity has THE BEST sales, and I love their jeans especially. Shop your cute and comfy basics all the way through casual and elegant dresses, and all the undergarments you need to feel nice and smooth.


You may have already seen me post about my love for this highly curated online second-hand shop, thredUP, and to my excitement I discovered that they also sell maternity! Shop your favorite name brands and designers for a fraction of store prices.


TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx, otherwise known as my mothership, is where most of my wardrobe comes from. I have learned how to shop the racks of ‘normal’ stores to still meet my maternity needs.



1. Fabric: Opt for stretchy knits that flatter your shape at any size. The Max Studio dress in the top left has been so good to me – the slinky yet stretchy material not only makes it more comfortable than sweats but has fit me at my smallest, pre-baby size (2) and fits a much curvier, pregnant me most likely 3-4 sizes larger! It’s like a miracle dress.

2. Completer piece: a jean jacket, sweater, or blazer can pull any look completely together. Layer them over basic pieces for a put together ensemble.

3. Silhouette: While some pregnant women look oh so fab in fitted garments and body con dresses, I do not. I look for a-line shapes or skater skirt silhouettes in my dresses that is flattering and fitted on top and more forgiving on your lower half.

There are various other stores out there that carry maternity, but these are my tried and true favorites. Some other stores I have tried (that I won’t mention) have poor fit, are uncomfortable, or are cheaply made. You truly will not go wrong with these choices.