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My friend and I were discussing how much we appreciate our post-baby bodies now but that we miss the pre-baby days of abs. As both of us are working moms, we talked about how difficult it is to find the time to exercise, or when you do have the time, there are a million other things that either need to get done or that you want to do, such as eating, cleaning, going to the bathroom, preparing more stuff for work, watching non-kids TV, or reading.

However, we’ve decided to make a commitment to buddy up and at least get back into our abs exercises; that’s a very manageable goal, don’t you think? I looked back at the old exercises I used to do and came up with this simple, quick daily ab workout you can do anywhere – on your lunch break at the office, when you wake up, before bed, or even when you’re watching TV. Whether you’re a mom who wants a manageable step to take towards firming up and getting back into shape or are already fit and looking to add some core strength variety to your routine, this daily ab workout will be a great addition to your life.

Daily Abs Workout

Take the ab challenge

Recruit a friend or group of people to take on this simple daily ab workout.

Take a picture the day you start, do the workout for 30 days, and take an after picture. This is the best way to visually assess the workout’s impact.

Lifestyle choices to consider

In the past, I was able to be very disciplined in my food choices, and while I still strive for healthy living, I don’t have the will to maintain that strict lifestyle – especially since I’m hungry all the time from nursing. If you’re not up to committing to a rigorous food regimen, here are some healthy choices you can consider:

  • no alcohol or soda
  • drink a full glass of water and wait 15 minutes before eating
  • protein and veggie heavy meals
  • try two veggies instead of a starch at dinner
  • don’t limit yourself: by saying ‘I can’t have peanut butter,’ most likely you will focus on peanut butter, dream about it, and get up in the middle of the night and eat half the jar. Or is that just me?
  • instead, focus on portion control. Actually look at the serving sizes and measure your food. You’ll be surprised at how much you’re overeating!
  • don’t drink your calories; I don’t count calories, I never have. But one thing I learned from Weight Watchers is to be very mindful and intentional about what fuels your body. Make what you put in your body count.
  • read labels and stay away from processed food and sugar; focus on eating real, clean food.
  • stay away from diet/low-no-fat food; while those labels may be tempting, they’re loaded with all kinds of chemicals, carbs, or sugars that are way worse for you than a full fat alternative.

Lasting thoughts

Share this with your friends; you will be more successful by having accountability partners, and it makes the process more enjoyable! Remember to take your before picture and an after picture after 30 days.

Feel free to repeat the circuit if this is too easy for you, and be sure to incorporate this into your daily workout routine.

You’ll see the most results by eating a healthy, balanced diet and by burning fat through cardio and strength training. Let those defined abs shine through! Don’t let them hide behind that pesky fat. You CAN do it – I know you can, because I have been there. And I’m still right there with you.

While I know I will never look like my pre-baby self, I’m excited to get back on track and practice a little self love.

So who’s with me? Who will you recruit to be your ab challenge accountability partner?