why didn't anyone tell me about divacup sooner?

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My dear male readers, thank you for your interest and support, but I must confess that this post may not be enjoyable to you. You have been warned.

So, last month, I got my period for the first time in 4 years. Yup, that’s right, congratulations to me! After pregnancies and breastfeeding, I was stunned and appalled to join the real world of menstruation. SO MUCH had changed in my life and my body, so I did something I never even considered – I started researching about feminine care products. It honestly never occurred to me to 1. learn about what I was putting in my body during my period (um, duh) and 2. that there was another option aside from tampons. It blew my mind that I was so behind the game and after my research decided to try something new – the DivaCup.

This is what I texted my girlfriends “Why didn’t anyone tell me about DivaCup sooner?!” I felt like I found the magical, better, non-ick solution to traditional feminine care products but was super confused as to why no one was talking about it. Eh hem, so here I am to joyfully spread the word.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about DivaCup sooner?!

What is the DivaCup?

why didn't anyone tell me about divacup sooner?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard of cups before but it only brought utter confusion. Where does a cup go, how does it fit, how do you get it out, how does it not spill? It all seemed too foreign and confusing to even bother looking into, but I wish I had sooner. It’s really not complicated.

  • The DivaCup® is a bell-shaped silicone menstrual cup that’s reusable, leak-free for 12 hours, and in my experience, offers better protection than tampons.
  • It comes in two sizes depending on your age and whether or not you’ve delivered a baby – I have Model 2 from Target.
  • It collects instead of absorbs your flow; when inserted properly, it sits at the base of your vaginal canal so you can easily grab the base to remove, dump, clean, and re-insert.
  • *Note I said when inserted properly. My close friends know I had a mishap with my first try and all had a great laugh about it. Just follow the guidelines from the start, unlike me, and you’ll be good to go. Of course, consult with your doc if have any questions I can’t answer regarding your gynecological health.

Why I switched to the DivaCup

I appreciate that there are no added chemicals, plastic, BPA, latex, or dyes and that it’s made from 100% healthcare grade silicone. It’s hard to say it’s comfortable, because you can’t even feel it when it’s in. It saves money every month because you just buy one DivaCup and you’re set for life! You can work, sleep, workout, do anything comfortably without worry about leaking (except maybe yoga inversion, which I can’t do anyway).

why didn't anyone tell me about divacup sooner?


I took it to Instagram to ask your burning questions about the DivaCup – here’s the most frequently submitted questions.

Do you wash it out and reuse it? 

You can see the whole spiel on cleaning through the guidelines. Basically when you first open it up, before insertion and after removal, you wash it with warm water and mild, unscented soap.

How can I use it when I’m out in public?

Great question, one I also had myself. Luckily I work where there is a private bathroom and sink, but if you’re out in public and don’t have access to a private bathroom, just wash your hands with soap & water before going into the washroom. Then remove the cup, dump the contents in the toilet, wipe it off with a paper towel, and reinsert it until you can dump and clean it properly.

How easy is it to use?

It’s very easy – if you read the instructions and don’t try to push it way too far like I did my first time, you’ll be good to go. But what I learned is that even if you have a slip up like me, you CANNOT LOSE IT – it’s physically impossible, so don’t sweat it.

What do I do if I insert it too far?

Use your kegel muscles to contract and it will come down easy peasy for you to retrieve.

Does it feel weird?

Not at all – in fact, you can’t even feel it.

If you have any questions for me, please leave me a comment! If it’s something I can’t answer, feel free to reach out to DivaCup at support@divacup.com, 1-866-444-3482.