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I have always loved macaroons. I love the smooth, light, airy texture, the crunch, and how the pretty pastel sandwich almost melts in your mouth. I love that each treat is like a mini (delicious) present, almost too darling to eat. I love that they remind me of being in Paris. I love that any time you eat them, you feel special and sophisticated.

When I eat them, I want to say, “Hey everyone, look what I’m doing!”, but I’m much too demure and fancy when I’m indulging in the charming little treat to do so (so I Instagram it instead). I also love that macaroons remind me of my mom.

So for her birthday today, I decided to make her macaroon ornaments; now she can have sweet macaroons that will last! You can make your very own macaroon craft, which would not only make adorable ornaments but also cute desk accessories or paper weights. Make them for yourself, your office, or for friends and family. All you need is a few simple supplies, an oven, and you’re ready to go.


DIY Macaroon Ornament


Polymer clay (white clay, assorted colors)

Acrylic paint set and brushes

Eye pins

Mod Podge

Rolling pin

Small circle cookie cutter or object

DIY Macaroon Ornament - It's Simply Lindsay


If you are super crafty and do a lot of projects with Polymer clay, this DIY project will be a piece of cake for you. If you are not but Pinterest has made you believe you are capable of incredible, beautiful, DIY creations, make sure you have a good attitude, patience, and possibly a support person available (or a glass of wine). I didn’t realize the clay came in assorted colors, so I look forward to trying this project again with the colored clay instead of painting it.

Take a handful of clay and warm it up in your hands and beat it around a bit until it’s all soft and pliable. Divide it into two. Roll out with a rolling pin making one about 1/4 inch thick and the other 1/8 inch thick.

With your small circular cookie cutter, cut out however many ornaments you want to make. You will need two of the 1/4 inch circles and one 1/8 inch circle per macaroon. The thicker pieces will be the outside cookie.

Assemble your cookies, gently squishing them into one, and use your finger to smooth them together.

Insert one eye pin through the top and into the middle of each macaroon so the ‘eye’ part is sticking out the top.

Bake according to your clay’s instructions. Take out and let cool.

Paint to your heart’s desire, and once dry, seal with Mod Podge. (I tried to paint both sides at once, which I do not suggest. Paint one side at a time, let dry, flip over, and finish.)

DIY Macaroon Ornament - It's Simply Lindsay

I must say, I tried three different methods to assembling the macaroon, and this one was by far the best and easiest! Of course, it was the last method I tried, so I had many failed attempts and tantrums prior to this discovery. Also, the pink box I’m presenting my mom’s present in tonight was from the box of macaroons she brought me back from France a few months ago!

After you’ve rolled, cut, assembled, and painted, you’ll be left with a truly delectable ornament that will truly tempt you to eat it up!