DIY Mod Podge Letters Banner

Supplies You Need:

Scrapbook paper
(Hobby Lobby has a beautiful collection, and another personal favorite of mine is my Anna Griffin paper pack). Depending on the look you want and how many letters you’re using, you can choose a variety of patterns.

Mod Podge
I prefer it in matte finish
Cardboard or wooden letters

Foam Brushes
(these are very cheap) or paint brush

Scissors and Pencil

Credit Card
(to smooth out bubbles and do online shopping while you’re waiting for coats to dry!)

Spray Paint

DIY Mod Podge Letters

In 10 Simple Steps

One of my great joys in the world is pretty paper; I can spend an easy hour perusing scrapbook paper, letting the vibrant or soft colors speak to me, with their feminine flare, energetic spirit, or rustic beauty, as I imagine how to incorporate this paper into my life.

Am I being too dramatic?

Okay, maybe a little. But it wasn’t until I learned about the wonders of Mod Podge that I could easily and uniquely incorporate my pretty paper into my home. If you are a crafter, you must be shocked that until this year, I was new to Mod Podge, and if you are not crafty, this is the perfect project for you to tackle. It is simple, completely customizable, and the possibilities are endless!



Assemble your supplies in a ventilated space with good lighting. Place your letters in front of you and decide which paper patterns you want on which letters (if you’re indecisive like me, this could be the most challenging step.) If you do not want to see the natural color of your letters, spray paint the edges. I have used two types of letters- the first were so flat, so this step was unnecessary.

Once the paint has dried, flip your letter over on the printed side of the paper and lightly trace with pencil.

Carefully cut out each letter, and then lay the paper on top of your letter to ensure your cutting skills pass at least a fifth grade level. If not, make your slight adjustments before gluing it down.

With your brush, put a consistent, medium layer of Mod Podge onto the letter, covering the whole thing, making sure to get the edges. Line the paper onto the letter, gently move into place, and slowly and smoothly rub the paper down.

Optional step: if you notice puckering or bubbles, this is normal. Take out your credit card and a towel. Start at the top of the letter and gently rub the credit card on the paper, smoothing out the Mod Podge. The excess glue will slightly spill out the edge, so wipe it off with the towel.

Allow 30 minutes to dry. While you’re waiting, move onto the next letter or take an online shopping break. Be patient- rushing this step will lead to air bubbles or folding.

Check the letter to make sure the paper is securely in place and put additional glue on the edges, if needed. Now comes the really fun part- more Mod Podge! Apply a thin, consistent coat on top of the paper- if you’ve never done this before, it might feel a little strange, but just trust me. It will appear milky but dries clear and smooth. Let this dry for at least an hour. *Optional- you can add another coat to achieve your desired look if needed.

If the letters are light-weight, you can use damage-free 3M velcro strips, or if you’re lucky enough to have a handy man around like I am, enlist him to grab his tools to secure them to the wall.

Admire your work and start thinking of your next project.