Pumpkin centerpiece It's Simply Lindsay

We all love fall, the most wonderful time of the year, filled with pumpkin lattes, pumpkin candles, pumpkin pie, pumpkin facials, and oh yes, what about good ole’ fashioned plain pumpkins?! When my mom told me she was having a fall themed dinner party, I offered to make the tablescape and centerpiece, with what better than…you guessed it… pumpkins!

Place “Cards”

I’m a gold girl, and to me, gold screams fall, so I spray painted miniature pumpkins gold for the place cards and tied hand-written names to the stems with twine.


Vary the sizes of your pumpkins for visual interest. I chose two medium sized pumpkins, spray painted gold, for the accents to the main attraction – a naturally seafoam green pumpkin used as a vase.

Continue reading to learn how to make this simple DIY fall tablescape – great for dinner parties, everyday decor, and Thanksgiving.

DIY Pumpkin Centerpieces

Pick your pumpkins

Your local garden center will most likely have a more diverse, unique variety of pumpkins to choose from if you’re looking for something a little different. These beauties make a lovely statement on their own or for this project.

DIY Fall Tablescape - It's Simply Lindsay

DIY Fall Tablescape - It's Simply Lindsay

Your normal grocery store may not have the unique shapes and colors of pumpkins you’re looking for, so search your local Farmer’s Markets and garden centers for a wider variety – I saw pumpkins in creams, greens, seafoam, blood orange, yellow, red, and so much more.

DIY Fall Tablescape - It's Simply Lindsay


Here’s what you’ll need to recreate this look; choose your own favorite colors for spray paint and flowers, and feel free to mix and match paint colors or finishes for a fun twist.

  • Mini pumpkins, medium pumpkins, large pumpkin
  • Serrated knife
  • Floral Foam Cake
  • Spray paint
  • Cardboard, tarp, or newspaper
  • Disposable gloves
  • Assorted flowers

DIY Fall Tablescape - It's Simply Lindsay


  1. Wash and thoroughly dry pumpkins before spray painting. The paint will not adhere properly or spray evenly if wet.
  2. Spread out your cardboard, tarp, or newspaper in a large space outside to paint.
  3. Put on your gloves, and shake spray paint for 2 minutes before use; then spray in a swooping motion about 10 inches from the pumpkin. You will lightly spray a few coats until you achieve the look you’re going for.
  4. Let dry for 15 minutes before moving. In an hour, they will be completely dry. If you have a beautiful, unique colored pumpkin, consider keeping it au natural.
  5. For the large pumpkin, trace the size of your floral foam to cut an opening. Floral foam can also easily be cut if needed. I ended up cutting the bottom of the pumpkin because it provided a wider shape at the top where the flowers would go. My stem was stumpy and didn’t get in the way, but you could cut your stem down if needed.
  6. Scoop out the pumpkin guts, and be sure to save the seeds for a tasty treat! Put the floral foam in the center. I cut my flowers pretty short so they filled in the opening nicely. I started with the burgundy mums I bought because I had the most of them; I dispersed them evenly throughout the space, then added the larger flowers in to fill the gaps, and finished with my yellow “filler” flowers.

Fall centerpiece- It's Simply Lindsay

DIY Fall Tablescape- It's Simply Lindsay

I hope you can find some inspiration from this lovely little project!