Everyday Bun- It's Simply Lindsay

I always envied girls with that street chic, effortless, slightly tousled everyday bun that looked like they just threw it up as they were running out the door. Though I have mastered the sleek sister version of this somewhat messy bun, I don’t always want to sport the polished top knot.

It couldn’t be so hard though, right? What was I missing? When I attempted to throw my hair up effortlessly the way those girls seemingly did, the result was a lumpy, limp, lifeless bun sagging on top of my head with a weird tale sticking out.

Hmm not quite the style I was going for.

After buckling down and practicing, I have now achieved the easy everyday bun I was hoping for, in 5 easy steps that takes 5 minutes or less. This style works well on my fine, medium-length hair.

Easy Everyday Bun

  1. Starting with at least day-old hair, blast the roots all over your head with your favorite dry shampoo. This gives your hair the grit and grip you’ll need to achieve this look.
  2. Tease your hair (na na na naa naaa- that was me teasing my hair- did you get it?) all over at least a few inches, then flip your head down and slightly tease the length of your hair. Flip back over. Do you look like an 80’s rocker or like you stepped out of Saved By the Bell? Great, you’re on the right track. This is a great base for many hairstyles.
  3. Rake your hair into a high pony tail with your fingers for that messy-I just-threw-this-up-in-the-car look and use your brush to smooth out any overtly lumpy parts, or smooth it all around if that’s the look you’re going for. If your pony tail needs a little more teasing, leave slack in your hair tie, tease your tail, and resume to step 4.
  4. When you’re reaching the end of your hair tie slack, pull your pony through once more, but keep it looped with a one inch tail at the end, the secure your hair tie around the bun.
  5. Every bun will turn out differently, so the last step is to assess your bun, play with it, and pin it into place. I generally take the bun and gently spread it to make it fuller. For the bun that is pictured, I used one bobby pin to pin down a section in the top that was very lopsided and one pin to secure the tail into place, which I swooped around the base and found a nice little home for it.

Voila! There you have it, the perfect, easy, everyday bun in all its effortlessly messy stylish glory. How do you style your bun?