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Whether you’re pregnant, a new mom, or looking to treat yo-self or a friend, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the “stuff” to find tried and true products. Check out my top picks, including something for pregnancy, baby, new momma, and post-partum.

Pregnancy life-saver:

I was one of the lucky ones who had morning (aka all day/night) sickness for 40 weeks of pregnancy. I kept stashes of Ginger Chews from Prince of Peace in my nightstand, in my purse, and at the office.

I actually love these always, not just during pregnancy. During pregnancy, they helped with the nausea, but the warm, yummy chews are also packed with health benefits.

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Favorite products for new mom and baby

Want to know some fun facts about ginger? This is why I incorporate ginger in my diet every day:

  • Ginger helps with digestion
  • Eases stomach issues 
  • The gingerol in ginger is a great anti-inflammatory property (which is why I eat it every day) 

Never did bras and underwear become SO important to me until I got pregnant; now I put so much thought and scrutinize over them because I demand them to be soft, breathable, supportive, and comfortable. Enter Playtex Nursing Bras and Maternity Panties to the rescue.

These are the best nursing bras and underwear I’ve found, and since having three kids, I’ve tried tons of different brands – this line meets all my criteria and the quality is incredible. The fabric is so soft you’ll literally want to live in both the bra and underwear, and the straps on the bra are supportive, breathable, and easy to snap down for feedings. Full-coverage underwear that doesn’t look like granny panties? Sign me up!

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Something for baby

You know those awesome soothie pacifiers given in hospitals? Well the Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle comes with a sweet little plush toy attached to the Soothie so your babes can easily find and hold their pacifiers. Bonus – these are easy to clean and weighted for easy use whether your baby is sitting up or laying down.

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Whether you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, or a combination of both, you need to have a natural baby bottle on hand to make bottle feedings easy and comfortable. Our cabinet is stocked with Philips Avent Natural baby bottles; these bottles have breast-shaped nipples to make latching simple from bottle to boob. With all three of my girls, I breast and bottle fed from the beginning and never had one problem with going back and forth.  

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The Guess How Much I Love You 25th Anniversary hardcover book is the perfect addition to your home library and makes a beautiful gift. This beloved classic even comes with a limited edition print, great for nurseries and play rooms.

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Post partum picks

One of the first things I put on my registry and got for all of my babies was a first aid kit. The Medipro BABY first aid pod has 105 items to cover all of your basic needs in neat little organized pods that can size downsize and take on-the-go if you’d like.

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Nothing says pampered like Vichy products – Vichy’s LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti-Aging moisturizer is like a little slice of heaven in a jar. This anti-aging moisturizer is full of peptides that help with everything from wrinkles and dull skin to brightening uneven skin tone and firming your skin. I’m serious when I say that in just 48 hours, your skin will FEEL more hydrated and firm.

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Whether you’re treating yourself or buying for a friend, hope you have happy shopping and take advantage of these sweet discounts!