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If you’re anything like I was registering for my first baby, the process that ideally is fun and precious and so special actually turns out to be an overwhelming sweaty disaster leaving you cranky and over the entire process. I’m also extremely indecisive, so shopping in-store is difficult for me.

How can you pick out of 50 bottle choices? How do you know which carrier is best for you? Can’t someone just decide for you??

Enter Gugu Guru to the rescue! This free, smart online registry system takes the stress out of registering and offers personalized suggestions for those of you who can’t make up your mind, like me. It takes just minutes to set up your free profile, and the system will show you pictures and ask you to pick which one best suits your style in order to tailor their unbiased recommendations to you. The quiz itself was even fun, a much different experience than my first in-store registering fiasco.

Foolproof Baby Registry

So here you go, my top 4 reasons to use (and love) Gugu Guru:

Find your style

Does anyone remember magazine quizzes in 17 or Tiger Beat? I always loved and looked forward to finding out who my perfect boy band match or ideal perfume would be. Well Gugu Guru takes it up a (ton) of notches with a short baby style quiz online. As you create your profile and quiz, it personalizes item suggestions based on your lifestyle and style preferences.



I am absolutely guilty of spending wasting HOURS flipping through hundreds of pages online looking at merchandise – anyone with me? I get sucked in and it drives me nuts. Or I go out to get a few items at the store and come back three hours, $300 later. I like that this registry system is a one-stop-shop with the perfect amount of personalized options for me that save me time and frustration.


Focused categories

Instead of broad, traditional categories with hundreds or thousands of options that don’t fit your taste, Gugu Guru has a more lifestyle focus with categories like Fitness and Back to the Grind to fit your unique needs.


After you build your registry, you can mark items as Must Have or Nice to Have to give yourself or your family/friends an idea of what you really want or need.


So there you have it, an easy peasy way to register for your baby. Do you prefer to register online or in-person?

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