Free Alzheimer's Cards

When you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, your whole life changes. Once seemingly mundane, daily tasks become difficult.

Can I leave him at home? How long will I have? Can I take him with me?

Will he feel embarrassed? Will I feel embarrassed having to explain his behavior?

These are questions that probably cross your mind all the time, and as someone supporting a family member or friend during this stage of life, you might feel trapped at home or sad you can’t go out and about with your loved one as you used to.

I attended an Alzheimer’s support group for the first time over the summer and saw these little cards you could take stating that your loved one has Alzheimer’s to give to people discreetly when you’re out and loved the idea.

Feel free to save or download the card below, print them, and have them handy in your wallet and give to family and friends. You can give them discreetly out at restaurants, while travelling, at the barber shop, doctor’s office – anywhere!

Free Alzheimer’s cards when going out in public


These are standard size business cards, 2.5 x 3 inches. If you print at home, I suggest using a thicker card stock, otherwise it’s easy to upload them to a printer like Staples or take them to your local printer to have them printed for you.


Click each link below, then right click and save.

Alzheimer’s card side 1     Alzheimer’s card side 2


Please feel free not only to share with your family and friends, but comment below telling me your story. My grandpa suffers from Alzheimer’s and from reading and support groups to documentaries and researching on my own, I’m trying to learn what I can about this tragic disease and hope to connect with others.

So please share, how do you cope? What is your situation?