How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes with It's Simply Lindsay

I have a huge confession to make: I am gross. Well, I used to be gross. For years, I complained about my periodic facial breakouts. I hopped from product to product like it was my job searching for a solution. It wasn’t until I started taking charge of my skin routine that I realized a huge, yucky culprit that I rubbed on my face every day – my makeup brushes! I must admit that up until last year, I never cleaned my makeup brushes.I know, ew, but I warned you!

I’m sure I read it countless times in Glamour or Marie Claire but figured it was one of those things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator that didn’t really make a huge difference. Think about it – we’re constantly reminded not to touch our faces because of spreading dirt and bacteria, yet I speculate many people were like me, rubbing brushes on their faces daily without washing them. By not cleaning your brushes, you’re allowing skin particles, dust, old product, germs, and bacteria to grow and transfer to your face and to your cosmetics, and the grimy circle of filth continues on and on.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Now I’m in the habit of regularly washing and disinfecting my brushes with three natural products – water, tea tree oil, and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Castille Soap. My love for Dr. Bronner’s soap runs deep, and you can read about it here. It’s a completely natural, safe, and effective cleaning agent, and tea tree oil naturally disinfects and gets rid of bacteria – I use it on my face every night to prevent breakouts and help clear up my skin. If you do not have these products, you can follow the instructions using any of the following: baby soap, other mild soap like Cetaphil, or vinegar and olive oil. I love using the mint scented soap; it leaves your makeup brushes with a clean, refreshing, delicious smell.

DIY makeup brush cleaner It's Simply Lindsay


Put a small amount of the castille soap in a small dish, on a plate, or even in your hand. A little goes a long way. Put two drops of tea tree oil on top.

Clean makeup brushes It's Simply Lindsay

Slightly dampen the bristles of your makeup brush with lukewarm water. *Do not use hot water, and do not submerge your brush in water. This will result in the bristles becoming loose from the glue and will damage your brush.*

Swirl your dampened brush in the soap/tea tree oil mixture (or cleaner of your choice) against your hand or in a small dish. Gently work the mixture deeper in the bristles with your fingers if necessary.

DIY brush cleaner It's Simply Lindsay

Rinse with lukewarm water, again, avoiding totally submerging the brush. Work the mixture out with your fingers until the water runs clear. You may want to repeat the cleaning steps again if necessary.

clean makeup brush It's Simply Lindsay

Clean one brush at a time. When you’re finished, dry them at a downward angle so the water does not run up the handle.

How to clean makeup brushes It's Simply Lindsay

I like to wash my brushes at night so they’re all fresh and ready for me in the morning.

So tell me honestly – do you wash your brushes regularly? This is a judge-free zone. If you wash your brushes, what’s your method? If you do not, have I motivated you to add this simple and necessary step to your beauty routine to keep your face healthy and clean?