how to combat baby gas

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As a mom to three little girls each exactly two years apart, you’d think I’d have the whole newborn thing down to a perfect science.

But alas, I did not. My 2-month-old slept like a dream the first six weeks but then started getting really gassy and fussy at night.

We’ve all been there, right? Your always smiling, sweet, happy , and cooing marshmallow of a babe flips a switch and becomes, at best, sad and crying and at worst, completely inconsolable for hours on end. The culprit? Gas.

I tried all the old tricks; I used gas drops; nothing was working. While I don’t love the idea of medication, especially for my new baby, my neighbor friend came to the rescue when she offered me a brand new bottle of some miracle gas drops. After giving them a try when my husband was out of town, I was hooked. Then when Mommy’s Bliss reached out about working together, I knew it was a match made in gassy baby heaven.

How to combat baby gas — tips from a third time mom

Whether you’re an expecting first time mom or mom of three, four, or five, you never know what you can learn to make your life (and your baby’s tummy) SO much easier. On the plus side, if you’re a health-conscious momma, you’ll love Mommy’s Bliss’ line of safe and pediatrician-approved solutions.

Disclaimer – be sure to always check with your pediatrician before using any medication.

how to combat baby gas

My experience with Mommy’s Bliss

As a parent of a little one with tummy troubles, it can feel completely overwhelming when you think you’ve tried everything and nothing works. As my husband walked laps with my sweet crying baby in the dark one night, I asked if he thought we should try different gas drops, and he said, no, they don’t work.

But he was wrong!

I was dreading him going out of town again, leaving me alone with three kids 4 and under, knowing that after a long day with no breaks I’d get no break again through the night.

I felt bad telling him that our 2-month-old slept from 10 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. without any fussiness! I started the Mommy’s Bliss Gas Relief Drops and Gripe Water after her afternoon nap when her belly started to get gurgly. I was able to get on top of the gas enough that she was calm and happy all night — from the very first time I used it! Since then, we’ve stayed on top of the regimen, and she’s sleeping 6-8 hour stretches at night.

As I’m writing this, I gave my baby the Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water 20 minutes ago. With her sitting on my lap, typing one-handed, my hand around her belly, I could actually feel it working. No joke. And after a few more minutes, the most wonderful thing happened, music to any newborn parents’ ears — a big gas explosion. It’s like she knew I was writing this post and wanted to offer an authentic testimony the best way she knew how.

how to combat baby gas

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Why you need Mommy’s Bliss in your medicine cabinet

  • Whatever your little one’s digestive problems, there’s a solution for it, from Gripe Water and Constipation Ease to Gas ReliefDrops and Probiotic Drops.
  • You can feel good about the ingredients like ginger, fennel and chamomile.
  • You and your babe don’t have to suffer through colic, gas, or occasional constipation — there’s a solution for that starting with quality whole herbs.
  • The Gripe Water, Probiotic Drops, and Gas Relief Drops are formulated for, and safe to use with, newborns.

Other gas soothing tips

  • Bicycle baby’s legs to get gas moving
  • Movement helps; walk around or bounce on an exercise ball
  • Hold baby in football position or across your lap with pressure on the guts
  • Give a warm bath and massage the belly
  • Go outside for fresh air and a distraction

Lasting thoughts

Have you dealt with baby gut problems? How did you get through it? Share your tips!