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My husband and I have been together for 9 years and married for 3. I remember at some point in our relationship a few years into dating, my mom gave me advice. While it was great that we were so comfortable together and in our routine that we would have the time of our lives staying in and watching Netflix all weekend, why didn’t we get out of the house and do something different? Why didn’t I get out of my sweats and get my butt off the couch? Great advice, mom!

Then after I had my daughter, I never wanted to leave the house for many reasons: I wasn’t feeling confident in myself so I didn’t want other people to see me; my hormones and maternal instincts made it difficult for me to leave my precious babe; and I was just tired. But luckily with the encouragement of my mom and husband, we got back into the dating routine again. After only a few months off of our dating game, I quickly realized the importance of us dating each other and how that was an integral part of our thriving relationship. I’ll share with you some tips on how to date your spouse based on what has worked for me.

How to Date Your Spouse

1. Make it regular: You know how prom comes once or twice in a lifetime? There’s so much build up for the oh-so-special day, and you just need everything to be perfect? Then the day comes and you realize it’s just another dance and nothing crazy magical happened, am I right?

Don’t make date night a prom situation! I’ve seen this happen to couples who plan a date night so infrequently that when one little thing goes wrong – it’s raining and you planned to eat outside; your reservation has to get bumped back 20 minutes; your kids are whining and put your husband in a bad mood – you’re completely thrown off and your night is positively ruined.

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By having regular date nights, there’s no pressure for everything to be perfect. It’s just, you know, a date night. Not to diminish how awesome it is, but by making it a normal part of your routine, you can let go of the stress of perfection and just enjoy yourself because if something doesn’t go as planned, who cares? Go with it! Laugh it off because you have another date night in two weeks anyway.

2. Put in a little effort: Just because you’re making date nights regular doesn’t mean you should become blasé about it – put in a little extra effort. For me, I don’t usually wear much perfume anymore on daily basis, so on date night, I make sure to wear that delicious perfume that makes me feel extra special. I dress up every day for work as it is, so for date night I like to browse trendy boutiques online for cute dresses, tunics, or tops that are a little more special and unique from my daily outfits.

How to date your spouse

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how to date your spouse

3. Put the phones away: If you’re like 99% of the population, being on your phone, whether actively doing something or simply checking it for a split second every few minutes, is normal. Make it a point to put your phone away – yes, that means no checking social media, the time, or texts from your sitter. Okay, you can use it to snap some photos, but don’t let that detract from being present in the moment with your spouse.

4. Be silly: I get to be silly all day with my little one, but it’s so fun to be adult silly with my husband – actually, we do this on a daily basis. Let life’s stresses go and just smile. Laugh. Do something out of the ordinary. After this particular dinner date, we went to a nearby school to take some pictures and to walk around because the grounds are so pretty. Well, 4 inch heels plus damp grass equals disaster. When he scooped me up and ran around, with me obviously kicking and screaming, it was just so fun to be playful. Also, don’t forget that relationships, despite popular belief, don’t have to be hard.


Then when he piggy backed me across the field to the parking lot and a group of high school boys saw and starting making lovey dovey calls at us, nothing could have been more mortifying or hilarious. Let your guard down. Be silly. Be playful. Have fun.

5. Don’t rush: When we went on our first few dates after having our baby, we assured my parents we would be home in 45 minutes, an hour max, but my parents instructed us not to rush. In fact, they said if we were back before at least an hour and a half, they would be mad. So reluctantly, we took their advice. We grudgingly ordered an appetizer and had our drinks before ordering an entrée. Then, after an hour of amazing food and 100% pure adult/spouse/no baby talk conversation, we did the unthinkable – we took a walk and got some ice cream before going home. So take your time! Relish your kid-free time together, and as bad as it might sound, don’t even talk about your kids.

How to date your spouse

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6. Date night in: Date night doesn’t have to be a huge spectacle; some of my favorite date nights are date nights in. Whether it’s enjoying music and drinks on the porch, an at-home spa/massage evening, or a Scrabble night, you can still date your spouse without leaving the comfort of your home. Just make sure you do something out of the ordinary – yes, that means leaving your couch and Netflix routine, even if that just means going downstairs for a planned movie night.

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