how to get a free breast pump

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As I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of our third baby girl, I find myself spending a lot of time on mommy Facebook groups, and one question I see all the time is, how do I get a breast pump? Does insurance cover it? Do I have to contact insurance?

I see women looking for used breast pumps because otherwise they’re so expensive, and I want to say NO, NO, NO! You get a free one! And it’s easy. There are SO MANY QUESTIONS when all you want is your pump, am I right?

This time around, I got my Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter Set from Aeroflow Healthcare, and the process was so simple.

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How to get your breast pump for free


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how to get a breast pump

There’s no catch…really.

And yes, it really is this easy.

The Aeroflow reps take care of everything for you – there’s no waiting on hold with your insurance agent who’s clueless about breast pumps. There’s no confusion. There’s no money exchanged (unless you want to upgrade or get some sweet accessories!).

how to get a free breast pump

With my first pregnancy, I wasted so much time on the phone with my insurance company trying to figure out how the heck to get one. When I went to register, I was confused as to why a breast pump was on the registry checklist – was I supposed to register for one? Was I supposed to buy one?

Then I got a prescription from my doctor for a pump (which seems crazy, no?) and had to figure out what the heck to do with that. It was a headache.

I almost shelled out a few hundred bucks for one because the process was a nightmare, but Aeroflow cuts out all of the unnecessary steps and frustration with a simple, quick, streamlined online process.

What breast pumps are available?

First off, if you’re new to pumping and have no idea where to start, you can ask your mommy friends and use Aeroflow’s resources – they not only have tons of free online resources but you’ll be assigned to a dedicated breast pump specialist who really knows her stuff.

how to get a free breast pump

Some of their brands include:

  • Lansinoh
  • Medela
  • Spectra
  • Evenflo

Useful info to get started

how to get a free breast pump

What are you waiting for? Get started online or give them a call to answer any questions – feel free to leave me any questions in the comments!