how to protect your kids

Women everywhere shared brave stories of everything from “putting up with” to surviving sexual abuse with the #metoo campaign in 2017, bringing attention to the severity of a widespread yet “hush hush” problem. You probably saw social media posts of friends, neighbors, teachers, or peers you never would have known suffered through some kind of sexual abuse coming forward to share that, yes…”me, too.” Brave, sad, enraging, despicable, inhumane – these were all words that came to mind as I read these #metoo stories.

It got me thinking about my own passion for humans and feminism, but more importantly after becoming a mom, it got me thinking about my kids. My two girls, specifically. While I applaud all the women for coming forward and appreciate having a platform to share the problem in an explosive way, I just kept coming back to my kids. My girls. Stories I’ve heard. Things that have been said to me. I don’t want them to join a #metoo campaign years from now. I don’t want to applaud their bravery or feel sad and enraged. I want it to stop. I need it to stop for them and all the little innocent boys and girls who grow into vulnerable teens. I need it to stop because it just has to.

How to protect your kids with #saynoandtell

So on my quest to support the “metoo” movement but focus on a solution, I came across Kimberly Perry’s children’s books for families that’s all about empowering and educating kids about personal body safety and boundaries. It was seriously my dream come true – I couldn’t believe everyone wasn’t talking about this already because it IS the solution all the parents, teachers, dads, and moms have been searching for.

I obviously couldn’t keep this to myself – I want to start the next movement for our kids’ generations and for us parents – the #saynoandtell movement. I want to get AHEAD of the problem for our kids and teach them safe boundaries and empowerment in inappropriate situations.

Join the movement

This is what I want – I want every parent, grandparent, teacher, and leader of kids to join this #saynoandtell movement.

1. Choose your books (I have all 3).

2. Read them with your partner first & share them with your kids. These books are to read with the whole family.

3. Share your experience on social media using #saynoandtell – could be a picture of your family reading the book, your kids, grandkids, anything! I want to get the word out and start sharing and connecting with other families.

About the books


Say “NO!” and TELL!  Training Grown-ups in Boundaries and Personal Safety for Kids
“Rather than wondering what might happen to our children when they are out of our sight, we can have greater peace of mind by allowing our kids to participate in youth organizations that have done their part to train grown-ups working with children in boundaries and personal safety. With this training workbook, grown-ups working with kids will learn how to safeguard against child sexual abuse and to recognize and properly respond to questionable situations.”
Say “NO!” and TELL!
Maisie’s or Daxton’s Creative View of Personal Safety
“Discover Maisie Monarch’s and Daxton Dolphin’s creative views of personal safety in a child-friendly story form, full of imagination and adventure. Teaching body awareness, explaining boundaries, and introducing personal safety are pivotal milestones for children to learn today. Valuable prevention tools are woven throughout the story in a lighthearted fashion while being considerate of preserving innocence, balancing naivety with wisdom, and emphasizing solutions. You can do your part by arming yourself with facts, statistics, and strategies. Then, empower children by equipping them with personal safety prevention skills to help them during a questionable encounter.”

Lasting thoughts

So who’s with me?? Comment below and let me know if you’re ready to take the #saynoandtell pledge.