March fashion challenge part 2 It's Simply Lindsay

Do you ever struggle to pick out an outfit? Do you ever look through your closet, get exasperated, and resolve that you have ‘nothing to wear’? I did, until I started dressing with purpose through daily theme challenges on Instagram! It’s so fun to read and interpret the themes and connect with others online to get inspiration from. You can see March’s part one of the challenge here, and here are the themes from part 2:

  • All tucked in
  • Sneaking around: my students were telling me that it’s hilarious to call shoes “sneakers…” am I old?
  • Spring forward: decided to bust out my white jeans earlier than normal; they’re not just for summer, right?
  • She’s my cherry pie: I desperately wanted this red skirt to work in non-winter seasons and had no idea if I could see past Christmas. So happy I tried it!
  • Shoe the world
  • Fringe benefits
  • Emerald City

March Fashion Challenge (part 2)

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay

I’m not sure why I look so mad in this picture; how can you be mad when you’re wearing houndstooth print and hot pink!? I love this Forever 21 skirt, especially because it has pockets.

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 2

I’m a huge fan of my new jeans, so much so that I bought them in two colors. They’re I heart Ronson from JC Penny’s, and they fit so nicely. They’re on sale for $29.99 down from $55!

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 3

Here are those I heart Ronson jeans again! They’re especially cool because they play into the distressed jean trend, but under the rips are actually just more jeans, so it doesn’t show your skin. Fun fact: this perfect slouchy tee is actually a Forever 21 nightshirt.

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 4

I’m so happy I didn’t put this skirt away with my winter clothes. Someone once suggested I get it in another color instead of red because red screams winter, holidays, and Santa Claus. Because I don’t own a lot of red and I love this skirt, I was determined to make cherry red work for spring – I think it worked. I definitely have a more patriotic vibe than Mrs. Claus, but I’m fine with that.

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 5

I never thought of myself as a “blue girl,” but I proclaimed blue as my new spring color, and I’m pretty pumped about it.

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 6

Remember when you were a kid and your mom made you wear saddle shoes? I do. I used to think they were dorky, even though I had them in black and white and black and pink. I love how fashion comes back full circle, although it usually doesn’t happen with clothing from your childhood!

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 7

I’m really glad I held onto this great fringe bag for so long; it’s at least 8-years-old and probably cost about $15. It has a lot of mileage and memories on it, and I still love it.

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 8

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 9

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 10

You have to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, though most people don’t usually think to wear (or would ever own…) green LEOPARD. I also adore these unique, vintage looking green and pale pink shoes; you would be surprised at how many things they match with!

March fashion It's Simply Lindsay 11

Are you ready to participate? Here are the rest of the themes for March:


So tell me, what are you most excited to wear this spring?