In a society that is all about the going green and the recycling craze, what is trendier than fashion? Every season we look towards ‘what’s new,’ although trends really just echo their past. Silhouettes and accessories today reflect styles from history: high collars and ruffles of the 19th century, sharp tailoring of the 30’s and 40’s, feminine flounce of the 50’s, and iconic Ray Ban’s made popular in the 80’s.

One of my favorite trends that resurfaced in 2010 is menswear for women. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not all about the completely androgynous look because we are women after all, and really, only supermodels can pull off the boxy look or blousy trousers that make the rest of us look like shapeless clowns dressing up in our dad’s clothes. I mean honestly, who needs extra volume on their hips and thighs?

Masculine Deets, Feminine Chic

Fall is the perfect time to break out your menswear- inspired pieces or start building up a collection of your own; from sporty jackets, comfy oversized cable knit sweaters, slouchy (yet slightly tailored) boyfriend jeans, preppy plaid, and my favorite of all- what I call my “man shoes,” aka Oxfords.

Fashion’s Bacon Beer Cupcake

The best way to add menswear touches to your ensembles is best described by a bacon and beer cupcake – I know, I know, but hear me out. By nature, cupcakes are girly – anything miniature is just so adorable, cute, and feminine. So we have our deliciously perfect feminine base of a chocolate cupcake and add just a hint of dark, stout beer, topping it all off with candied bacon. Voila – the perfect, delectable balance of male/female.

This is how we should think of our fashion, starting with a feminine base and carefully adding in details of menswear pieces. If your piece is particularly masculine, feel free to equally balance it out with something very girly, say, a large knit pullover paired with a flowy, floral skirt topped with candied bacon…aka, my go-to staple of man shoes and an oversized gold watch.

Oversized Watch

My personal favorite go-to watch is anything Michael Kors- there is truly no way to go wrong there for a classic, timeless piece. I like to look for a watch that has substantial weight, substance, and size to it, with no bling or sparkles, and of course it has to be gold. For me, the bigger and “manlier” the better. I could write a whole post just on my love affair with my watch, and I hope you have an accessory you feel the same way about. Also in a pinch, it can be used as a weapon…seriously, it’s heavy…but it also makes your wrist look deceptively small, a hidden perk you just can’t put a price on. My watch is the Michael Kors Women’s Bradshaw Gold Watch.

What’s on my wish list next would be a two-toned mixed metal piece and a tortoise shell watch such as these: Michael Kors Chronograph Two-Tone Watch, Michael Kors Gold and Horn Watch. Ah, the misunderstood beauty of mixed metals bring such a smile to my face, and honestly, that gold-tone tortoise shell face resembles leopard print- a watch after my own heart. Mix and match your favorite bangles and bracelets for a funky look- you can keep it clean and simple or stack them up your arm. I swear this is a sure-fire way to add instant cool to any outfit; you can even spruce up a comfy t-shirt and boyfriend jeans with these simple accessories paired with a teased messy bun that looks like you just whipped it up to effortlessly look gorgeous when really we know it took a half hour of carefully placed “mess” to look so gorgeous.

Comment and let me know what your favorite menswear-inspired ensembles consist of or tell me what your ‘candied bacon’ is.