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As parents, we’re always wanting to learn; what works for others, what has failed for others, how to make your kids’ life better, and in return, yours too.

This list has parent-approved, tried and true products that you pretty much need…like, right now.

No, seriously, why are you still reading?

From bed time to play time, car rides and traveling, play dates and dinner dates and everything in between, I’m covering the top 15 items you need right now.

What’s better than the awesome products themselves is the fact that they’re on Amazon, aka the parent’s holy life saving grail. Side note: does anyone else have a serious Amazon problem? The kind where your mail person knows you a little too well kind of problem? The kind where you get multiple shipments a day? The kind where if a day goes by without a package, you’re dialing the police because you must have been robbed? Yeah, me either…

Mom-approved must-have toddler gear

Here are my main inspirations and testers for this post – look at these little conspirators.

Disclaimer: Yes, this is called ‘mom-approved,’ but in my house, dad does everything with the kids mom does – the title just has a better ring to it than parent-approved.


1. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

Fully customizable, programmable, and controlled from your smartphone. As your child moves from bassinet to big kid bed, Rest grows with your needs – first providing soft light for middle of the night newborn diaper changes and nursing sessions, soothing a baby back to sleep during a sleep regression, then alerting your toddler when it is ok to get out of bed in the morning.

2. Wet Brush Mini

I don’t know what it is about this brush, but it cuts through tangles on dry or wet hair like butter. I use it in the shower to comb through my conditioner and use it on my wild, curly-haired cutie.


3. Universal Backseat Car Organizer

This organizer work in cars and strollers and is perfect to keep everything neat and together. I don’t know about you, but otherwise I’m throwing this and that in the car and it turns disastrous pretty quickly.

4. Universal Baby Stroller Organizer

Even though I have some top-of-the-line strollers, they don’t have the readily available compartment space I need. No longer an issue.

5. 36-piece Dinnerware Set

This is the BEST set you can get. Easily stackable, not breakable, microwaves and washes beautifully – cannot beat the price and value.

6. On the Go Water Wow! Activity Book  

These inventive little books are tons of fun and are used over and over again. Just fill up the little brush with water and ‘paint’ the pictures to see the colors come to life. Once it dries, the color fades, and you can do it all over again.

7. Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie

I don’t know why I bothered buying a stand alone little potty because it’s just something else you have to clean and then train to move to the big potty. This is more comfortable and practical, and it just folds down for simple storage.

8. Draw N Doodle – Classic Mat

“Creativity has never been this clean! When you use Aquadoodle it never makes a mess and never runs out. Draw and doodle as much as you want using only water. Your drawing will magically disappear as it dries.”

9. AquaDoodle – Travel Doodle

See #8 – travel version.

10. Multi-function Magnetic Educational Board

What You Will Get:
1×wooden box
1×marker pen
1×idea book
1×reversible lid for magnets or drawing
1×brush for cleaning the blackboard
100×magnetic pieces of animals, insects, trees

11. Nuby 2-Pack No-Spill Clik-It Cups

I always see moms asking about the best no leak, spill-proof cups – here they are. No more searching. You’re welcome.

12. DINNER WINNER Kids’ Dinner Tray

My picky niece started using one of these plates and now eagerly gobbles up ALL her food – it’s crazy. This plate comes in a bunch of cute designs your kiddo can choose from.

13. Anti-slip Socks Toddler Socks

Nothing sweeter than hearing little pitter patter running around, and nothing worse than hearing it stop – boom – tears. These no-slip socks are the answer to slippery accidents.

14. Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade 

I love putting a sweaty child in a hot car and then burning her with hot buckles, said no mom ever.

15. iPad Kids Shockproof Case

Drop-proof, shock-proof, almost-everything-proof.

What are your mom and dad-approved essentials?