Coffee Table Accessories - It's Simply Lindsay

Yesterday my little family and I went on a nice Saturday shopping outing, and I am thrilled with my purchases! I’m so excited to share my clothing and jewelry choices in later fashion posts this fall, but for now, I want to show you my new coffee table styling choices.

I love gold, I always have. I wore gold accessories when only silver was cool. I thank my parents for getting me a few gold rings when I was young because my unique gold claddagh ring and classic gold and diamond band that I still wear today were the catalysts to my obsession.

It’s no surprise that my house is filled with gold and brass accents. I feel it adds a comfy warmth to any room with a touch of elegance. While I have had fun styling other tables in my house using my coffee styling tips and tricks, my main living room table remained bare. I don’t know why I thought that because we have a baby that our table must be kept plain…except for the remote controls, baby toys, chap stick, snack wrappers, and other odds and ends.

My New Coffee Table Accessories

I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to add a simple touch of style and sophistication to my most used room in the house.


Starting with a beautiful or functional tray is the best way to begin your coffee table styling. Trays are great because they add dimension and interest while containing your accessories. I chose a rose gold circular mirrored tray to break up the boxiness of my heavy rectangular table.


I opted for a few simple pieces to pull together this look. For me, candles are a must-have. I added a white pillar candle to a metallic geometric patterned hurricane and later threw in a taller red apple candle for total coziness.

I love finding elephant accessories because an elephant with her trunk facing upwards is good luck. I couldn’t pass up this charming elephant box! I sat her on top of my favorite floral journal – I enjoy how the pops of color work against the various gold tones.

Coffee table styling - It's Simply Lindsay

Do you have a coffee table that could use some styling? What accessories or colors are you drawn to?