October fashion week 1- It's Simply Lindsay

Happy October, my lovely (and handsome) readers! This month instead of my normal weekly fashion themes, I’m participating in an Instagram challenge (#wearwhatwhereOctober) where every day has a different theme. The theme names are fun and clever and open to interpretation; I love checking out what others are wearing each day, and when I feel totally uninspired, I seek motivation through others participating in this challenge.

Here are the following days we have covered so far from October 1-October 10:

Gray Gradients, A (J) Crew of Blue, Tee Time, Denim Darling, Plaid & Gingham, A Hint of Fall Print, Emerald City,  Fall HarVEST, Orange You Savvy, and Going Bananas. I added in one bonus day of my outfit before October began. (Very exciting, I know.) Connect with me on social media to participate in the rest of the daily themes.


October Fashion Post (part 1)

Bonus day, the last day of September! As my students said, this outfit was “on point” for fall. I don’t know about that, but it’s certainly a comfy outfit that’s also professional.October fashion week 1- It's Simply Lindsay

My grey gradients pick was a simple t-shirt style dress that’s dressed up with a jeweled neckline.

October fashion week 1- It's Simply Lindsay

A (J) Crew of Blue – I sadly do not own anything from J Crew, so I opted for a dark blue floral printed dress. I paired it with grey floral printed tights, and I realized that my outfit perfectly matched the carpet in my classroom.

October fashion week 1- It's Simply Lindsay

Tee time! When I read this theme, I initially went to golf tee or “tea” time; I was stumped. How silly of me to overlook the most obvious choice – a t-shirt. I paired my favorite Holy Chic tee with a tea-length skirt.

October fashion week 1- It's Simply Lindsay

Which look was your favorite? What are your favorite pieces to wear in October?

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